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What is Gym Sport ?

Gym SportThe question gets asked because simply no Gym in the UK runs a gym sport program. You see gyms were not designed to get gym members fit or lose weight, they are designed to tap into the the very lucrative spend from the gym member, whether that's the secondary spend or the idle spend.

You see Gym membership has its sites very firmly fixed on capital growth of gym membership and its very lucrative, or at least was.

How many times, have you heard the expression - Gyms don't care about you , they just want your money ? And if you didn't say at , I bet you were thinking it.

And to that degree you would be right, but something happened in the US which upset the bubble cart and that was the growth of CrossFit and CrossFit changed the game because they looked at something else rather than making money - they looked at Performance , essentially the sole reason for going to a gym is Performance and as crazy as it seems - the Gym industry did everything it could to avoid it.

Stay away from weight loss and look at Performance

You see ...the weight loss is one of the most searched words in Google and the association between gyms and weight loss was always thought to be a sure thing. If you went to the gym you would by some miracle lose weight and get fit - it would just happen because you joined and hell , the cost is under £20.00 a month, that means I can get fit and the only thing I lose is a few quid each month.

Personal Trainers

The Industry relied heavily on new personal trainers feeding the gym industry with weight loss programs and motivation to train and over the years there have been a constant stream of young hopeful trainers moving into their new chosen career path only to be spat out again in having not been able to make a career out of it , and so the bubble continued. More cheap courses , easy qualification , sustaining weight loss programs and then start all over again when you can no longer earn a living.

Gym Sport and X Training

I have been involved in Gym X Training since 2006. I was fortunate enough to compete in some of the challenges set up around the county for like minded fitness enthusiasts, from these challenges I learnt exactly where the true meaning of gym training had its advantages and what made going to the gym so exciting. I loved the thrill of entering an event and seeing just how good I was against the top people in the country and training for them with a mixed and varied program. It was also here I found the concept of EFR (Equal Fitness Racing) and that's the novel approach of not being the best but finding those who are of equal fitness to you and competing in a total equal playing field. Just you and your training against somebody who is equally as fit.

The consequence of not listening ?

If you think about it, Gym Sport is the most logical of sports for those people who go to the gym. The equipment is provided for you to train on and its up to you to get fitter by using it. That's what happens in CrossFit and it works. It works so well that it is seriously threatening the weight loss program which has failed so spectacularly over the last five years, seeing the likes of LA Fitness and Fitness First reach for economic lifelines or just sell out. The changes were needed in those clubs and they just failed to adapt.

World Gym Challenge was the first competitive Gym Based Sports Program.

Now that's not to say we invented Gym Sport, but we were the first to coin the phrase a' sport for gyms', based on events that were trained for in the gym. We approached Sport England and the then Fitness Industry Association (now UK Active) to announce the intention of Sports for gyms. We went to every media outlet we could think of and ended up with the creators of X Training (UltraFit magazine) and ended up writing regularly for them. We were featuring in articles in Workout magazine and at every opportunity we took it upon ourselves to visit as many events all over the country to write about, photograph and record the results from events, all to try and promote the benefits of training with purpose in a gym for a gym sport.

The time is now and not then ...

You see , WGC was just too far ahead of its time. We were watching the change before the change happened. The need for members to be challenged and form communities and train together was a idle dream that no gym would take up. And believe me we approached a lot. Why do you think CrossFit created their training Boxes? With heir own training program? Its very simple, Gyms were not interested. They were looking at gym membership and then tired and old working beginning to fail model of weight loss in gyms.

A sport for gyms ...

Nobody likes being told what to do. But the suggestion of Gym Sport is still the better option for gyms to take the initiative. Be bold and look at creating gym sport at your gym. Create that community where everyday you turn up at the gym, and are part of something. Or by creating the sporting event at your gym and inviting members in from other gyms to try it . I mean its quite possible that one member may actually like it that much , that they could well join?

Could your gym run its own sporting event ?

This is just an open question to gyms. Could your gym run a sporting event? A Gym Challenge based on the equipment your members use and the level of fitness that your members have achieved ? You will be amazed at just how good a feeling it is to train for something and then accomplish it. We really hope you do . You don't even have to use World Gym Challenge live results platform, you just need to give your members the opportunity to try it for themselves. And if you need any help setting it up, then you could contact us at info@worldgymchallenge.com for that extra bit of assistance, with those that created Gym Sport.