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Welcome to World Gym Challenge .

  • Every single time you visit the gym you will motivated to workout with focus and achieve a new level of fitness.
  • 12 monthly challenges to train for using Bodyweight , Weights. Bike, Treadmill, Rower disciplines.
  • No longer will you wonder what to do when you enter the gym. You are training to become a gym athlete and your results will be amazing.
  • The World Gym Challenge categorises you into four levels of fitness Non Comptitive , Intermediate , Advanced
  • Within those classes you will find somebody of equal fitness to you so the continuation of your training is always about racing somebody in a timed format through any of our challenges and always finding somebody who can compete at the same level as you.This is known as EFR (Equal Fitness Racing)

You must know your level of fitness as a gym athlete so that you can competagainst somebody of equal fitness.

Thank you for visiting this page and hope you enjoy your journey to a stronger, fitter you.


Event Male Female
Bike 1km 1km
Bench Jumps 30 (15 each side) 30 (15 each side)
Sit Ups - Crunch 15 15
Row 300m 300m
Shoulder Press 15 x 10kg 15 x 8 kg
Step Ups 15 x 8kg each hand (3 risers) 15 x 6 kg each hand (3 risers)
Bench Press 15 x 20kg 15 x 15 kg
Treadmill 500m 500m
Time Any Any

Club Plus

Event Male Female
Bike 1.5 km 1.5 km
Bench Jumps 50 (25 each side) 50 (25 each side)
Sit Ups - Full 30 30
Row 500m 500m
Shoulder Press 20 x 20 kg 20 x 15 kg
Step Ups 30 x 10 kg each hand (5 risers) 30 x 8 kg each hand (5 risers)
Bench Press 30 x 30 kg 30 x 20 kg
Treadmill 800m @ 3% Incline 800m @ 3% Incline
Time Under 12 mins (Move up Under 12 mins (Move Up)
Time Under 13 mins (V. Good) Under 13 mins (V.Good)
Time Under 15 mins (Good) Under 15 mins (Good)

Club Xtreme

Event Male Female
Bike 2 km 2 km
Bench Jumps 50 (25 each side) 50 (25 each side)
Sit Ups - Full 50 50
Row 750m 750m
Shoulder Press 30 x 30 kg 30 x 20 kg
Step Ups 50 x 12 kg each hand (5 risers) 50 x 8 kg each hand (5 risers)
Bench Press 40 x 40 kg 40 x 25 kg
Treadmill 1000m @ 5% Incline 1000m @ 5% Incline
Time Under 15 mins Elite (Premier) Under 16 mins Elite (Premier)
Time Under 17 mins Advanced Under 18 mins Advanced
Time Under 20 mins Minimum Standard Under 22 mins Minimum Standard

Please Click Here for a complete breakdown of the rules for the WGC Challenge.

Times stated are average times and guidelines only. Click on each discipline for the rules. The above challenge uses Life Fitness, Bike and Treadmill and Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

Stage Type Duration
Stage 1 Circuit or Sprint 15 minutes and below
Stage 2 Championship Courses 10 - 30 minutes
Stage 3 Endurance Event 25 - 45 minutes

World Gym Challenge classifies its Challenges based on their duration and winning times

Stage 1. Introductory Challenge - Recommended to a club with little or no experience in running events.

Stage 2. Intermediary Challenge - Introduction to Championship Courses where annual events can be created and members train towards these.

Stage 3. Advanced Challenges whereby members have reached significant levels of fitness and can compete in events of above 10 stations.

Each club that signs up to WGC must have a portfolio of each Stage before they can progress to the next.

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Always seek medical advice before embarking on a strenuous physical challenge

What is World Gym Challenge?

Is the platform to get recognition for the Sport in Gyms.

  • Gym Sport

Why? Because members of gym's are some of the fittest people in the world and deserve recognition.

Descriptive Terms

Gym Sport: The conclusion of a gym based physical exercise which has a timed based element based on predetermined weight, repetition and distance for the duration of individual or circuit based splits and results recorded on World Gym Challenge.com

Gym Athlete: A member of a gym who trains specifically for aGym Sport and have their results recorded on WorldGymChallenge.com

Gym Based Sports: The evolution Gym Training as a Sport

WGC Gym Sport Gym Challenges: Two or three lanes of Gym Challenges comprising of more then one discipline, yet no more then 13 to be completed in a race format against the clock. Each event is created by a tried and tested event which has taken place in the last ten years and show a clear indication that the events are safe to run and have met the correct level of competence by organisers. Results will be available for members to see as soon as they finish the race, or within 24 hours.

'Events Entered' A recognised Gym Fitness Challenge that is recorded in the WGC database.

The Gym Athlete Leader Board

The Challenge database is a method to ensure that only those of equal fitness race each other and is available to compete in by any gym in the world making the sport of X - Training unique in it's own right.

Gym Sport is split into three classes for both Male and Female:
  • Club - The first stage of the challenge, for someone with little gym experience.
  • Club Plus - The second stage of the challenge, for those that like to challenge themselves to a new sport.
  • Club Xtreme - The third stage of the challenge and the most difficult, for those that can manage the Xtreme Challenge in under 20 min's Male and 22 min's Female.

The Challenges range in intensity and weight and are designed to encourage  variation, motivation and longevity to so somebody who trains in a gym.

The search engine for the database has various search methods of defining the class of competitor:
  • Age
  • Location
  • Gym
  • Country
  • Chosen Sport/Forces/Firefighter/
  • Male / Female
  • Fastest Class

Gym Athlete

The Gym Athlete is someone who trains themselves in the varied skills necessary to utilise the oxygen transportation and energy required to complete these challenges in as quick a time as possible. They have achieved a verified registered time at a recognised event or by an official WGC verifier that records a time of:

Elite Gym Athlete (Premier)
  • Male Under 15 minutes
  • Female Under 16 minutes
Advanced Gym Athlete (Gold)
  • Male Under 17 minutes
  • Female Under 18 minutes
Standard Gym Athlete (Silver)
  • Male Under 20 minutes
  • Female Under 22 minutes
Bronze Gym Athlete
  • A Gym Athlete who entered a recognised gym challenge that is in the WGC database.
Novice Gym Athlete
  • A Gym Athlete who has yet to compete in a recognised WGC GymX Training Challenge.


The UK is the first country in the world to take the concept of a gym vs gym challenge. A season of Gym Athletics is scheduled annually so that the search for the UK's Fittest and Best Gym can be found based on Gym Fitness Challenges.

Early Season: February - June

Late Season: Sept - Dec

An event in the UK Gym Challenge Series, has a period of at least seven weeks between events.

Closed Events
A closed event can be run by any organisation that for some reason cannot allow other competitors to compete. For instance for security reasons.

Open Event
An event where other gyms are invited to compete against gym members if a Gym Fitness Challenge.


Terms for Racing
Equal Fitness Racing (EFR)

A 16 second differential of times (2 second per station) between competitors will ensure close racing every time.

Locked Racing (LR)

When racing somebody who has exactly or one second difference as you on the 'Gym-Fit' Challenge Database.

Team Racing (TR)

Football, Rugby, Running Clubs etc teams can race each other.

Team Event Racing (TER)

The formation of teams starts in your own gym.

Time Delayed Racing (TDR)

Start a race at delayed times, so that handicaps can lead to husband vs wife racing etc or male vs female racing.

No Judge Required (NJR)

The event is such that a judge is not needed, ie the race involves equipment that a time keeper can check the correct level of input for the machine being used (Life Fitness Bike level 12 for instance) and checks the correct distance is completed.

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