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Gym Sport Videos

Ripley Gym Challenge from sean blyth on Vimeo.

Event No 8 - Ripley

14th March - 26th March

6 Circuit Gym Challenge using only

Treadmill / Bike / Row / AST / CTF Bupees.

McClane 2017 from sean blyth on Vimeo.

Event No 7 - McClane

5th March - 13th March

All that is needed for this challenge is a :

Bench - Step Deck 14 inches high - Barbell and Dumbbells .

Suitable only for Intermediate and Advanced


Run Bike Row from sean blyth on Vimeo.

Run Bike Row

400 m 10 % incline / 2 km Bike / 500 m Row

Sub 10 - Starter

Sub 8:30 - Intermediate

Sub 7:30 - Advanced

Sub 7 - Elite

Sub 6 - Super Elite Club

Merlin WGC 2 from sean blyth on Vimeo.

Event No 2 - Merlin

16th Jan - 29th Jan

All that is needed to complete this challenge is a Gym Bike.

3 Exercises for time.

Bike / Alternate Squat Thrusts / CTF Burpees

Excalibur 2 from sean blyth on Vimeo.

Event No 1 - Excalibur

If you would like to take part in the Gym Sport Series 2017 and are a gym member take a look at this video for explanation of how to take part .

If you are a personal trainer / gym instructor and would like to enter your clients results please enter their results here

Need more information? info@worldgymchallenge.com


Tracy Davies FitBrit 2015 from sean blyth on Vimeo.

Tracy Davies - UK's Best Female Gym Athlete

Tracy Davies was the most successful female Gym Athlete in the UK. Winning and setting unbroken records at most major events which she has consistently dominated.

Ultimate Female Gym Athlete .

Tracy spent many months preparing and helping set training protocols for Gym Sport, ensuring she was in peak physical condition as each event approached.

Stepping down from competition in 2016 meant Tracy was to retire from competitive sport to concentrate on a late study degree in Sports Psychology.


Gym Ironman /Ironwoman from sean blyth on Vimeo.

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