Gym Challenge for Haiti

The Row

500 m / 750 m/ 1000m

Squat Thrusts (alternate leg)

50 / 70/ 100

Sit Ups

20/ 30/ 50


500 m/ 700 m/ 1000m

Bench Press


20x 20 kg/30 x 30 /50 x 40


20 x 10 kg/30 x 15 / 50 x 20

The challenge finishes ! Well done !

Gym Challenge for Haiti

The world can be a cruel and unforgiving nightmare at times. Many tragic and heartbreak stories occur every day but never have my eyes believed the immense scale of utter devastation to a single country as the earthquake in Haiti. So much so that it prompted the likes of George Clooney to spearhead a campaign in the US and Simon Cowell, to rally the music industry to help - why? Because quite simply the poorest country in the western hemisphere has been brought to its knees by one of the cruelest way possible . Thousands of orphans have appeared over night, homes, hospitals, and infrastructure have been brought to a jumbled mess in what can be described as - your worst nightmare, but reality for the people of Haiti.

Governments have rallied round and have supplied medical and emergency aid. The music and film industry have reacted swift and boldly to do their part - but what of the fitness industry?

There are 110 million users worldwide that use gyms in some way or another. It is the largest leisure industry in the world and it needs to do it's part.

Many clubs already support other charities and so it starts with a single vision by to rally the Gym Athletes of the world to pull together as one and help by staging a Gym Challenge for Haiti.

Set on three levels

  • Club - For the Gym Athlete who wants to dip their toe in the water and take things at a nice steady pace. Just doing their bit.
  • Club Plus - For the Gym Athlete who wants to try and get into a more challenging event
  • Club Xtreme - For the Gym Athlete who has trained to a high level of physical fitness and can perform like an eagle in his or her own gym

The Challenge

The clock starts ....
Club Plus
Club Xtreme
500 m
750 m
1000 m
Squat Thrusts
50 (25 each Leg)
70 (35 each leg)
100 (50 each leg)
Sit Ups (Full)
500 m
700 m
1000 m
Bench Press
20 x 20 kg Men
30 x 30 kg Men
50 x 40 kg Men
20 x 10 kg Women
30 x 15 kg Women
50 x 20 kg Women
The Clock Stops

The vision.

With an infrastructure of equipment, venues and members in place and personal trainers to oversee and verify challenges conducted in a safe manner - there is no reason why members of gyms cannot raise to the challenge and try this.

It is a gym after all and this challenge only focuses on the equipment you use daily.

The On Line Challenge

Sign up here for the Gym Member Challenge

As a gym member you can complete the challenge with the support of your personal trainer all in the comfort of your own gym. Your personal trainer or gym instructor will be given verification privileges to authenticate your result.

Sign up here for the Personal Trainer Challenge

Create that special gym challenge for your client and give them motivation and focus.The personal trainer publishes the result.

Sign up here for the Health Club Challenge

Or as a club you can create a Charity Day, where WGC will publish up to 50 results on line specific to your gym. (conditions apply for more then 50)

All results will be published on the Leader Board in Results Page (within 14 days)

A minimum of 50% (less VAT) of each challenge will be given to the DEC. Plus any money raised for Charity Days created at your gym. If more then 50 entries for the Health Club Challenge - results will be processed at an additional £1.00 per entry .


The chosen charity for WGC to work for is the DEC

The DEC is a registered charity No:1062638

Because you can ...

This slogan has been chosen to unify the fitness industry on whatever continent they are on. It is a call to help to fitness professionals, manufacturers, sport outlets, gyms, clubs, the armed services, the police, football clubs, rugby clubs, tennis clubs etc all to unify and create the biggest gym challenge in the world to help a country that has been struck with one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our time.

Thank you

Sean Blyth

World Gym