Don't just be a gym member - Become a Gym Athlete. Compete against those you train against at your gym and others online too.

What is World Gym Challenge?

We will set up a Gym Challenge Day Experience at your gym.

What time could you do ?
  • A complete online leader board system to create Gym Challenge experience at your gym
  • Enjoy the excitement of competing at your own gym against friends and family.
  • Publish live results online.
  • No travel expenses involved.
  • Fun.
  • Free to join as a member
  • Be part of a fitness community at your gym and support a sport for gyms.

Become fitter, stronger and faster today and join.

Gym Sport Championships

There are 36 Events that you complete at your gym and you must complete 24

That's nearly one event every two weeks throughout the year of which you must train towards.

Our Gym Athletes are the best in the UK

Become a Gym Athlete ...

Tracey Davies - FitBrit Winner

Charles Green - FitBrit Winner




A Sport for Gyms

400 m 10 % incline Treadmill Gym Challenge

Find out if you have what it takes to become a gym athlete.

This simple test will let tell you all you need to know about gym sport .

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World Gym Challenge is a sport for gyms and gym members.

It has the data from over ten years of sporting events in gyms to create and provide safe and effective training for gym athletes which is what we call our members.

It is hard work, but effective and creates a sense of achievement every time you visit the gym.

The Online Gym Sport Championships

Are a series of gym challenges you complete in your gym and online .

They are designed so that every time you go to the gym you have something to train towards.

Every Series has 6 challenges to complete.

There are 36 events to complete in the year of which you must complete 24 to complete the Championships.

'The aim of the events is not to be the fittest, but to enjoy your experience at the gym every time you visit and have something to aim for..'

Each challenge is designed so that all you need to do is complete the challenge and send us your results on social media.

Sign Up for early access to the Online Gym Sport Championships

1 Event - £5.00
Dip your toe in the water and test yourself against some of the fittest WGC Gym Athletes and see how gym fit you are.

1 Series - £25.00

Commit to 6 events and challenge yourself for a complete 2 month experience every single time you go to the gym.

Hell Week - Total Focus Training

  • The only website that delivers a 8 week program that allows you to go through Hell Week at your gym.

    Hell Week is eight weeks of training in a gym like no other training you have ever done.
  • Unlike the modern day Bootcamp, there is a pass of fail grade. This is in keeping with the real term of Bootcamp.
  • All you need to complete Hell Week is to be a member of a gym and wear a watch that has a stopwatch function.
  • Any level of fitness is welcome. You don't have to be superfit, but you will need determination.
  • This is exclusive only to members of a gym.
  • By the end of it the eight weeks you will be able to create your own workouts and test for improvements.
  • Understand Performance and Conditioning programs.
  • You will be able to push yourself harder then ever before.
  • You will be fitter, stronger and learn about you as a person and your physical limitations.

Hell Week will start in 2017 ....

Further details ...

Could you complete Hell Week?

Any level of fitness welcome.

It is you against you !

Do you want to take part ?

WGC likes to know its members. Please contact if you would like to take part.

Showcase your gym's facilities by holding a World Gym Challenge event.

Invite potential new members through your doors to try a new sport for gyms. You have the existing qualified PT's and Gym Instructors to record results straight away and publish into leader boards, which anybody can view worldwide.

Potential new members will be drawn into your gym when competing in an event, this is a great opportunity for you to generate new business.

Find your gym's Ultimate Gym Athlete

Is the fittest person in your gym also the UK's fittest gym member?

Create events at your gym and give your members increased motivation to compete and meet new friends.

How much?

For a limited period only a license fee of £199 (plus vat) per year, your gym can enjoy all the benefits that World Gym Challenge has to offer.

Contact us today to request a meeting today and notice the difference that World Gym Challenge can make to your business.

For our price list, please click here.

World Gym Challenge offers Personal Trainers unequalled benefits.

  • No course fee required. You are already qualified to record results.
  • Increase your client base into gym performance fitness challenges.
  • Create challenges at your own gym, studio or health club.
  • Record results using our unique online verification form
  • Publish results specific to your members at your club, or potential new members, who may want to challenge themselves.
  • Keep a record of all of your clients gym challenge results.
  • A focus point for you both to aim towards in increased performance targets.
  • A mentor, friend and coach at events.


Compete in the World Gym Challenge to gain you place on the leaderboard

As a personal trainer just how gym fit are you?

Show existing clients your personal fitness performance marker here.

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You are already qualified to record results.

  • Become a registered WGC Verifier for free.
  • Find clients in the gym you are employed at and record results for them.

Personal Trainer referral scheme

  • Identify potential gym athletes in your gym
  • Create your own client list.
  • Record their results using our unique online verification form.
  • Inform personal trainers of results
  • Ask personal trainers to create programs for your client base.