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Sean Blyth Date Added:
Competing Level: Intermediate Fastest Challenge Time (mm:ss): 19:11
Region: Kent Country: United KIngdom
Year Of Birth: 1964

Introduction By WGC

In 2005 I watched Trans World Sport about Best of the Best Gym Challenge created by Will Whitmore of and you could say my whole life changed.

 I saw a gym challenge on tv and wanted to compete, it absolutely fascinated me. It was what I did in the gym and I needed a focus to train. I researched all contacts in the sport and started competing and attending events.

 I noticed very quickly that though that there was nowhere really to research the results , I went about raising over £40,000 to create a website for  the single focus point for results for gym challenges via  database. I set up a trademark name and created

At this time I was hit with a massive bomb shell – World Gym in the US were trying to block my name. It went to the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) for clarification and after several weeks World Gym withdrew their case against me.  

Gym Challenges come in three levels and Initially I went in at the Open event  (the hardest level) , but I found it too tough and settled comfortably at Intermediate. It is still very tough, but allows me more realistic goals. In the years that followed I travelled the country publishing results for all the events , taking time off from work and ignoring holidays , I was 100% committed to do as much as possible for the events I took part in, writing reports, photographing and interviewing and  Every split timing was entered into my database. In that time I have accumulated hard evidence of the success and outcomes of gym fitness challenges.

In 2009/10 relations soured between the directions of fitness challenges with organisers of events taking their own direction in publishing results – so results on WGC started to fall.  Financially it was crippling to sustain a website, travel accommodation and results became few . Gyms were not paying organisers to put on events; in fact some were trying to stop them.  Organisers (basically PT’s)  did a ton load of work for free and basically didn’t have the finance to extend contribution towards  a third party offering a results service.

Since the organisers of events have taken another direction I have taken various options in looking into the fitness industry and seeing how certain practises seem unfair for the personal trainer.

Personal Trainers Unite

In 2010 myself Ben Walsh , Christopher Laing  started a group in facebook after chatting amongst ourselves and other personal Trainers  . Personal Trainers Unite soon followed. Pat Dale from Ultra Fit magazine and author soon joined too, but also left due to work commitments. In 2012 I had a meeting with Nathan Hague at Victioria Train Station and had the legendry latte meeting.

Nathan from au has really transformed the group , bringing his skill set in IT and marketing and PTU presently stands at over 1000 members, mainly due to Nathan.

I continue to act as a satellite fitness professional to unify Gym Based Sports into a recognised sport for gyms and use WGC as a platform to publish results.

I have never hidden the fact that I am not a personal trainer. It is not the area I wish to specialise in and there are far better qualified people I turn to for advice. My time effort is 1000% focused on Gym Based Sports. Method of training evolves daily – but results remain constant. The personal trainer remains the most important part of the gym outside of the member and my philosophy is to be able to promote the personal trainer into the media via Gym Based Sports.

I am not married but live with my partner Jill, who has been teaching Dance Aerobics for over 25 years.  I have two fantastic boys Dan and Luke and live in the Medway towns Kent. Outside of training I enjoy the cinema, reading watching tv and good food and wine.

 My Success Story

I would say my success story is finding outstanding gym athletes such as Richard Vint , Chris Lord , Neil Cameron and so on , Absolutely amazing fitness levels . But for me personally  was watching Carol complete her first challenge at Beginner level.. Now this happened almost 5 years ago. But to date I have yet so see a more gutsy performance. Carol was 56 , she had diabetes, was  overweight and  had never done anything like this before. It was a case of walk through talk through and enjoy the challenge. She completed it with a big smile on her face and the one of the greatest moments she felt she had experienced. She had done it all by herself and she really enjoyed it too. All those people that looked on were congratulating her too. It was an amazing experience for us both. The satisfaction is on completion and it remains fresh in my memory today. I enjoy the challenge of finding those that like to challenge themselves.

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