This is a 3 year plan:

Year 1: Develop a training pattern.

Unless you change your habits when you’re using a gym, it is unlikely that you will improve your fitness levels; rather you will maintain them at the levels you are at now. That’s fine, you may well be happy with that and you are to be congratulated if you are – but the one thing you don’t want to happen is to lessen yWork together as a team in the team event.our visits and give up.

That is why we want your gym to  participate. Organise two events a year - summer and winter.  With those holidays approaching for summer; when you are training for a X Training competition, you will keep the training to a high level.  If you’re partying too much during the festive season, again a event is there to help you stay focused.

And X training is aimed at everybody – no matter what age or levels of fitness: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  It is something for you always to train for; always being motivated; always having goals and always staying in contact with your friends via our chat rooms to talk about your progress. 

It’s that simple. And having completed these events your timings are verified in the Event tables


Year 2: Improve your initial targets.

After the first year of competing and seeing what you are letting yourself in for, the nerves wAt the top level, X Training is breathtaking to watch.ill have settled and it’s now time to use the gym properly and get help where you need it:

  • Top X trainers are on hand with various web sites to help you
  • Your Personal Trainers at the gym are there to help you
  • Your friends are there to help you
  • Events are held throughout the country.

 If you keep motivated and work hard, you will see your times getting quicker and feel yourself getting fitter.

Year 3: Reflect on your achievements.


For those of you who have maintained their fitness and can clearly see all your timings in the blue from when you first started. You are now in a position to reflect in detail on how your targets have improved.  Be content in the knowledge that without this plan and your devotion to maintaining your commitment and achieving your goals you would not be where you are now.  Well done.

In the years that follow, you can use this site to consistently see your improvements or maintain the steady progress you have achieved.  It is up to you

But, whatever you decide, do not take away from yourself that in this 3 year cycle you are a new you ...