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Using This Web Site Effectively

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How To Use This Site

Terms Used In This Site

Events - A particular discipline (eg. lateral pull downs) or a competition.
Compilations - A collection of disciplines in a certain order with particular requirements.
Challenge - A compilation of eight events in a pre determined order with set requirements for each competing class and gender.
Discipline Layouts - A set collection of events with varying denominations to record your performance used to record your timings on individual pieces of equipment in no set order or specification.
Denominations - Different quantities of the relevant recording unit in a discipline layout (eg. 500 / 2000 / 5000 metres).
Personal Record - This screen gives you a rundown of how and where you've improved and how you compare to others in your gym.

Using This Web Site Effectively

To make sure you get the most from this site, you must follow some simple rules:

  1. Enter your timings correctly and honestly.
  2. Don't delete any attempts - even if you find them embarrassing.
  3. Visit your gym regularly.
  4. Enter your gym's challenge competitions.
  5. Stick with it!

Most Common Questions

  1. How do I view my times compared to everybody in my Gym and nationally etc...?
    This answer only applied to those members who are registered to a gym on the WGC system and have a valid subscription: By clicking the 'View Your Personal Record' button in the 'Your Data' menu to the left, you can see a rundown of where your time is ranked compared to others in your gym and at your competing level. To view a complete list of peoples attempts in your gym, you can click 'View All' in the top right corner of the same box. Once you have done this, you will be presented with a full list of attempt times from people in your gym, this may seem like quite a long list and so can be reordered by clicking on the relevent column header or searched through by clicking the 'Search Attempts' button in the top of the results section.
  2. How do I enter my timings?
    This answer only applies to those members who have a valid subscription: By clicking on the 'Enter Your Timings' button in the 'Your Data' menu to the left, you will be presented with the list of event compilations you can enter timings for. Click the compilation that you wish to enter timings for (you should note these down when completing the course or you can use a stopwatch with lap facilities to record your timings), you will then be presented with a list of tasks that make up the chosen course. The top three boxes (body weight and heart rates) are compulsory, but if you are not sure of what they are, simply enter '0' to specify Unknown. Timings should be entered in the format of mm:ss (minutes in the first box and seconds in the second box) in accumulating time (each time is in addition to the previous eg: 1.20 for the first event, entering 2.10 for the second event would translate as 50 seconds - being the difference between the first and second events).

  3. How do I view a friends time?
    If you want to find a friend on the WGC system, you can simply type their name into the search facility on the 'Members' page (accessed at the top of the website), they should appear in the listing. Once you have found them, click on their name and you will be presented with their user profile. You will only be able to view their personal record if they have permitted this in their user settings, if they have you should be able to see 'Search Attempts' next to 'Personal Challenge Record', this can be used to search for any individual attempt timings they have entered. Their first entered verified time and most recently entered verified time will display in the 'Personal Challenge Record' section.

  4. I play football. How do see only Football times?
    Again, using the 'Members' page, you can search for any kind of members registered on the site, to find all the footballers (soccer) on the site, simply select this entry from the 'Category' drop down menu. If you find that you see 'View Sub Categories' appear next to the Category menu, you can click this to see a more refined list of categories that match your initial chosen category, clicking 'View Main Cateories' will revert back to the main list. On top of being able to search for footballers (or any other category), you could also choose to search for all members that are footballers and come from your region, or are at novice level or have the name 'john'.

  5. What happens if I change Gyms?
    If you leave your gym, you should release your gym registration. This is done by editing your profile (found under 'Your Data'), clicking 'Change' next to where your gym is specified and choose a new gym from the list. Only the gyms in your registered country and region will be displayed so if you cross a county border to visit your gym, you will need to temporarily change your registered region/country. Once you have successfully selected your gym and sent a registration request to them, you should change your registered region/country back to where you live. Once the request has been sent to your gym, it is down to them to add you to their registration list, if you need to prompt them to speed up, their contact details should be available on their profile page.

  6. How do I get a refund?
    You may achieve a refund by applying by email to within seven days of your order, please refer to the terms and conditions of World Gym Challenge for more information. If you do not have access to an email client, you can use the form on our contact page to send your request.

  7. Is my name on view to everybody?
    You can choose to display your real name to the users of this website if you wish, but can opt to use a nickname instead. By editing your profile details (Your Data -> Edit Your Profile -> Edit Details), you can choose whether to have your registered real name or your provided nickname displayed on the site. You can also choose whether or not to display other details to users such as your year of birth (full date of birth is only required for age group verification and will not be displayed to any users of the site other than our administrators or your gyms administrators.

  8. If I am not a member of a gym can I still use this site?
    You can use the World Gym Challenge website regardless of whether you are a member of a gym or not, however you may be unable to enter a local gym's event without being a member of the particular gym. You can enter all national events by applying to the gym that is running the event, contact details for these gyms are available by clicking on the events details pages.

  9. I am a personal trainer. How do I view my clients data?
    You can view the data of any of your registered clients on the WGC site by clicking on 'View Registered Clients' button in the 'Personal Trainer' section on the left. You will only be able to see this section of the menu if you are a registered personal trainer on the WGC site. To register as a personal trainer, you will need to click on the 'Click here to register' message at the top of the 'Personal Trainers' page. Once your transaction is complete, you will appear in the personal trainers listing with your best top-level challenge time beside you and other WGC members can request to become one of your clients. A personal trainer subscription will last for one year. If a member has requested registration as one of your clients, you will them in the list under your 'View Requesting Clients' page.

  10. I am the client – how do I find a personal trainer?
    To help you choose a personal trainer, you can view the 'Personal Trainers' page. Once you have chosen, you should choose to change your personal trainer via the 'Edit Your Profile' section, clicking 'Change' next to the 'Trainer' label. You will be able to search for personal trainers in the usual fashion, once you have found your trainer, simply click 'Choose Trainer'. Once you have done this, you will be added to their 'Requesting Clients' list. Being registered with a personal trainer will allow them to view all your previous attempts, including 'Discipline Layouts'

  11. Can I change my bench mark time?
    You can choose to delete any unverified attempt on your record at any time your choose by viewing the attempt's details. Make sure you do not delete the first attempt you enter for the benchmark compilation unless the data you've entered is incorrect. Deleting the first attempt will render your improvement statistics invalid. If you enter a competition, the timings you acheive will be entered by the gym holding the competition or in the case of a national/international competition entered by WGC administrators.