World Gym Challenge

Training with high blood pressure.

The description of high blood pressure is anything that isn’t normal ! Normal being around Systolic below 120 and Diastolic less than 80

So when looking at training with anything above that firstly find someone who can relate to your symptoms ? Who’s that ? Well good luck finding help with high blood pressure and training its a mine field.

I take meds for this daily and Im not convinced that that is the best option, but every doctor I have spoken too insists that it is.

So what I’ve decided is just publish what I do, as a male who has used a gym for most of his life and found that he is diagnosed as someone with high blood pressure. And just see what happens long term with blood pressure.

I intend to blog and post work outs

At 10:53 am my blood pressure 161/84 Heart rate of 62 – Sleep had been restless and I had a Takeaway (Chinese the night before)

Weight – 96.1 kgs.

Routine today was

2 km Bike / sub 4 mins

30 secs recovery

750 m row / sub 3.15

1 min recovery

Repeat 6 times.

I pretty much nailed this and blood pressure when I returned had reduced somewhat to 133/ 73

Time spent exercising 56 minutes – 617 calories

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