World Gym Challenge – Training for January Gym Challenge

Managing Fatigue

The January Gym Challenge has commenced and we are looking at fatigue during this challenge.

You will (depending on fitness levels)succumb to fatigue. Fatigue will prevail in challenging your mental and physical strength and overall fitness.

This is why WGC will not really be on board with say lets do 1 press up on Jan first and then 31 on Jan 31 – We kinda say , step up to the mark and manage your own fatigue because on some days you will nail it and others you will just not be able to increase your performance.

So lets have a look at Fatigue during this challenge





As you can see the first and last split vary , which means your fitness levels are deteriorating and this is a good bench mark to find out your fitness levels .

The sprint version is a good indicator of potential times, but 2nd and 3rd splits, will vary as the walk back to the row in your gym will add on time, so mainly we are looking at 2nd and 3rd split and fatigue.



This is the Intermediate version so only 3 rounds and moving on Advanced with completing five rounds you will see little movement from the very best best athletes in the UK as their fitness levels show the huge differential in performance. We are not all the same and its not until you look at the time variables , you actually realise , just how the fitness levels in the UK differ.

Having said that the WGC Challenge is something of a puzzle – if at any stage you out perform on one part of the circuit you may impair your performance at later stages.

When looking at the press ups – there is a variable of 1.03 seconds from fastest to slowest. So in theory if I increased my running time , would it impair the press ups even more ? Its an eternal puzzle to sort out and the only way you can figure it out is to try the challenge over the month.

Either way this is 50 minutes (lower intermediate time) in the gym, being focused and motivated and achieving something at the end of it all.

Sub 40 would be upper Intermediate.

There were no recovery breaks in this circuit (January Gym Challenge) because finding the WGC Gym Athlete is the hardest ask of all – if this is something you would like to train for , then please do get in contact.

You will find that they are challenging and rewarding and any fitness level is welcome




Working on improving performance



lets see what time I can get it down to.

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