World Gym Challenge – The January Gym Challenge

Welcome to 2019.

If you are new to the gym or if you are an experienced gym user, there can be nothing more frustrating then going to the gym and not having a purpose to train.

That is why each month World Gym Challenge provides a ‘Gym Challenge’ . A Gym Challenge is not a WOD (Workout of the Day) A Gym Challenge is something you train towards at a fixed point (a future date) using all of the equipment that you have in a gym in various formats.

That fixed point can be anything from up to a month away – or a year away . But training for it , is relentless , you will have fixed vision on trying to improve your time, your strength and your Cardio.

Which means every time you go into the gym you are training for a reason, as you train towards bringing your time down and improving performance.

January Gym Challenge 

January 2019 – Gym Challenge from sean blyth on Vimeo.

The January Gym Challenge breaks down into 3 categories

Sprint – 1 round as fast as you can

Intermediate – 3 rounds , as fast as you can with no recovery between rounds.

Advanced – 5 rounds, as fast as you can , no recovery between rounds.

What we are looking for in Intermediate and Advanced  is the split time of each round and the differential in fatigue induced results.

The fitter you are , the less variable there will be. And this is what we are aiming for as each Gym Challenge progresses.

Create this for thew whole gym to take part in.

World Gym Challenge is unique in that it provides a complete database of results for its members. That means that annual records can be set and filed.







If you would like a time based challenge set up for your gym, just please get in contact and that can be arranged – you don’t have to have a WGC Challenge you can create one of your choice.

Just contact


1 thought on “World Gym Challenge – The January Gym Challenge”

  1. Training for this event on Weds included

    3 x 2 km Bike / 3 x 500 m 5% Treadmill
    3 min recovery
    2 x 2 km Bike / 2 x 500 m 5% Treadmill

    (roughly 35 seconds transition time between Bike to Treadmill)

    Bosu Ball Circuit

    4 min recovery

    5 x 20 Sit Ups / 5 x 15 Bosu Press Ups

    tested for one circuit

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