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New Gym Challenge – The Cornwell at Bannatyne Health Club.




Once the gym sport bug takes hold it grabs you for good. You don’t let go of it. You become engrossed into the challenge. And then you start understanding the balance of disciplines. And then you put on your own event.

Ben Cornwell (Read this short profile )






Ben has now constructed his own challenge based on years of experience in Gym Sport. The club that he trains at Bannatyne Health Club in Sutton Coldfield will be hosting this challenge for its members on the 4th November.

There will be three levels of fitness for this event, Novice , Intermediate, Advanced. Lets just have a look at the Advanced. There are some very challenging aspects to this race and at this level.






Of note on this challenge is the transition between Alt Squat Thrusts, Box Jump Overs to Shoulder Press. Static Shoulder movement in both the AST and Box Jump Overs means there will be an excruciating section with the shoulder press. The very high lactic generated at this early stage will allow a welcome transition to the Sit Ups.

Sit Ups do get a bad deal in modern ‘functional fitness’ but in Gym Sport they will allow you lie down and recover somewhat but also keep the momentum of the circuit to continue by stressing the CNS with forward flexion from the hip. The relationship between core strength and CNS /  movement is dubious at best, basically train for sit ups and continue them in a all round training and then you should be able to complete the required rep range.

Step Ups 







At 2 x 16 kg and 65 reps we are looking a combined 32 kg weight transition between steps that are 5 risers high. The average gym user will not be able to do this and Step Ups are a constant source of training for the gym athlete. Only by continually taking on high rep training will you be able to sustain 2 x 16 kg.




Press Ups 

The traditional press up (off toes) is a classic movement pattern and a firm favourite for setting up events that rely on space saving and equipment saving. In this case the traditional bench press has been replaced with press ups.








The king of the Bike in the gym. Too many variations in cadence between other brands allow the WattBike to dominate a professional quality of movement.








Concept 2 rowers have long played a vital role in all Gym Sport events, the ultimate all round exercise. At 650 m the distance will have to be taken with caution as the follow on Chest to floor Burpees will sky rocket your heart rate and do you want to be be gassing as you approach these?

Chest to Floor Burpees

Again space saving and equipment free, the CTF Burpee is mostly about technique and letting flowing movement work for you . If you break these into static and slow patterns the time impact will influence your end result.


Nice to see the 2% increment at 200 m coming into play for the first time in events. WGC has used this measure of training for a number of years and forms part of our 5 treadmill inclines at a fixed pace challenge. For those of you who don’t understand the increment, its a 2% increase from 200 m and every 200m till you reach the final 1000 m which will be at 800 m to a 1000 at 8 % incline.


Ben has put together a good combination of disciplines. At this level this is very much an Advanced Athlete level. This would mean that this challenge is not something you should do without significant training and understanding your body limitations. Do not take this challenge as goal, unless you are already very capable athlete. For those of you who are at the correct level of fitness, I think you will struggle early on and find it very taxing throughout, so you should enjoy it. Good luck to those of you who take this on.

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