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Low Aerobic Conditioning







When training in a gym there is nothing worse then feeling like you have not achieved anything. Simply walking away and not feeling a benefit is almost a crime . So how do you achieve something and feel like you have not worked that hard, the answer lies in LAC

Any good coach will tell you not to over train. Its a sin. It should be avoided. You should not do it. Thats my take on it. Yet as much as I hate to say it. I struggle not to train consistently hard and there are thousands like me.

Thats why the discipline in training is not to over train. Take a step back from the very hard physical training that you do and take it down a few gears. You will find surprisingly the benefit is has for you .


How can training less increase your fitness? 

Lets remember we are talking less intensity and not volume. We are still in the gym for around an hour, only the heart is not working like V8 beast engine, more a subtle 2 stroke taking it easy. And this is important to allow the homiostatic body to recover in finding its own resting ability. If you keep flogging a horse, eventually it will collapse. However, let it out to pasture and graze, it will enjoy the full energy that it can delve into when it wants to.

Training energy systems

Training the aerobic system is as important as training the anaerobic system. Muscle tissue will react to rest and regenerate and allow the body process to start building again. But if you continually beast your body and do not recover adequately, you will ultimately suffer the consequences of poor performance.

Setting LAC targets in the gym

When wearing a good heart rate monitor set a target and do not go over it. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, set a constant speed on the treadmill, or an rpm on the bike, or a slow pull ratio on the rower, but keep your intensity low. On the RPE scale you should be able to talk to somebody training next to you – even give them a friendly smile (but careful not to scare them!) Its very much always a learning curve in discovering just what LAC sessions are like and how to adjust them so its suits you .

Here is an example of LAC Circuit and the heart rate graph


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