World Gym Challenge launches its new Monthly Challenge for gym members

World Gym Challenge has been at the forefront of Gym Challenges since its creation in 2006.

What makes a good gym challenge ? 




A good gym challenge has to be simple in its execution, challenging and doable in any gym for any level of fitness to take part in.

This means that the order in which the gym challenge is completed has to be doable within a gym without having to deprive other members of the use of the gym or inconvenience other gym members . In some cases this may be trickier to manage in some of the smaller gyms, but large based gyms should not have a problem.

Gym members that want to take part?

It’s very unlikely your gym will actually run a gym challenge that provides results that are kept in a stable database so that you can reflect on your performance. That is why WGC created a personal folder for you to keep a record of the gym challenges that you take part in.

Why is this ?

Gyms are busy places and basically the gym just do not have the time or the resources to run gym challenges . In fact ask a gym what is a gym challenge and they will not know how to run one or set up a results service.  That is why WGC creates challenges that are Gym Management Free and rely on either established personal trainers to send in results for verification or established members of the community.






Why only one per challenge per month?

World Gym Challenge has over the years tried most combinations in what would engage gym members to try gym challenges. And for that reason we have reduced the gym challenges to just 12 per year for the Advanced, Intermediate and Non competitive gym member.

The Challenges this year are based on Historical World Leaders , the first is Kennedy.

Based on three levels of fitness.

What is non competitive racing ?

Just pop into a gym and try a challenge Non Competitive Racing is just about trying a gym challenge.

In each case you just need a watch to time yourself .




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