World Gym Challenge – January Gym Challenge Training

Looking for consistency

During this month’s challenge you should be looking for consistent splits to achieve your best time. You will notice that at the beginning of the month, the splits I was producing were quite variable and my mindset was filled with self doubt because I was uncertain of just how far I could push myself. Remember there is nobody in my Gym prepared to take on the monthly challenges , so this is all self propelled. I have a heart rate monitor to keep an eye on my heart rate and the feeling of previous attempts to keep me on track and thats it.


Always going to be where some good time can be made up , however for me, I think effort and actual time will decrease my time overall,. Rowing fast and hard if you are not fit enough will definitely increase fatigue for the later stages, so for me a relative pace would be more beneficial.  Im looking for an even flow at around 30 spm with a 500m split of around 2.05 / 2.15 .


Again its consistency with a level 8 (30% of max level Technogym Bike) , so rpms are quick at around 95 to 100 , which brings me in around the 3.50 – 3.55  mark.

Press Ups 

To engage the core more I have been using the smallest Swiss Ball in the gym to give me an uneven surface to keep my core engaged throughout the press up. My  shins (nearest my feet rested on top of the Swiss Ball) On top of this my chest has been hitting the floor to go for a more consistent and uniformed press up. I think they are easier to perform , yet they still give you a certain confidence to perform the press ups in one go , which helps with the mind set when attempting the challenge at a later date .


Having the confidence to maintain the speed at what you know you can do without the heart rate spiking and forcing you to slow down. The actual time of the treadmill after set up process is around 4.28 at 11 kph. So as a mind set you know that you have around a 4.30 run, yet can you increase that speed ?12 kph would I reckon be my max out pace. But it may tip me over the edge also.

Sunday 20th Dec January Gym Challenge finishing time 46.01







As you can see with consistent attempts the end result time has decreased. It remains to be seen if the Swiss Ball feet has been too much of an advantage with normal press ups . But I am currently heading for a quicker time of 4.49 from my first attempt.

This is not to say that that time wasn’t possible from the start date –  but what it is to say that building up your mindset in this process of training over the month will allow you to make decisions during your workout that allow you to perform better.



27th Dec Heart Rate Graph finishing 50:50








What remains to be seen is if the 12 kph (800m) run can be maintained on the final day of this challenge. As this is where the time will be made up and if that will drain the performance of the press ups?

Sean Blyth

Intermediate Gym Athlete taking on the World Gym Challenge January Gym Challenge .

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