World Gym Challenge – Gym Sports – Part 1

It’s important as the growth of Gym Sports develops, that the unique selling point of WGC is not not lost from its origin of conception. So this blog acts as a documented profile of what the concept was from its development in 2006.

What is World Gym Challenge ?

World Gym Challenge is a single gym challenge that will categorise anybody that goes into a gym into a level of fitness and from that they can determine who they can race in a challenge created for their gym in what is known as Gym Sports.

It serves as a retention tool to keep members motivated and focus and give them a reason to train.

Communities and events will emerge by the sport involving everybody in the gym as a class system of Gym Athlete Fitness Levels does not exclude anybody





What is different between CrossFit and Gym Sports

AS the global growth of CrossFit develops its important to recognise the difference between the two. Primarily these can be put down to

CrossFit – The sport of Fitness

World Gym Challenge – The Sport for Gyms

Is there a likelihood of the two clashing in the same format?

Yes, this is entirely possible as CrossFit was developed to ‘Forge Elite Fitness’ and to be a ‘State of preparedness’ In those terms Gym Athletes and CrossFitters both reach their goals. Only The World Gym Challenge website (database) was developed to act as a daily record and publish live results  of what was achieved by individuals in the gym and benchmark their progress. Whereas I believe CrossFit had a culture of a Whiteboard where results were displayed.  WGC had a continued program of Personal Bests. This was designed from the offset and is within the system by entering results against the first time a challenge was completed – the difference being in

Blue – getting Faster

Red – getting slower

Black – remaining the same

How many gyms currently run a WGC program of Gym Sports ?

None. A few gyms run events here and there. But there is not a comprehensive package of Gym Sports in the Fitness Industry today and that has allowed CrossFit to flourish in their own right. The Fitness Industry has basically sat back and watched CrossFit grow and dominate the fitness aspect of community and bonding.

Why is there not a Gym Sport culture in the Fitness Industry?

This is probably going to seem like someone blaming everybody else for its lack of success to date. But there is sound foundation to its content. For roughly two years from 2006 – 2008 WGC was part of the Fitness Industry Association (now known as UK Active). It would be fair to say that  the period of being a member it was turbulent. I was threatened with legal action on one occasion and the Head of the FIA (David Stalker) in a heated debate once said that “Fitness is not a sport” . Also at that time , an effort was made to create a sport for gyms by asking Sport England to acknowledge Gym X Training as a sport, based on the infrastructure of members, equipment and venues of the growing fitness Industry, it was refused and indeed at that time Sport England only accepted the National Governing Body of Fitness as Exercise Movement and Dance (EMD)  which received Lottery Funding.

Part 2 will follow …

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