World Gym Challenge – Gym Challenge 4 – Montgomery

Gym Sport Series 

The gym sport series continues for the WGC Gym Athletes into April.

10% Incline on the Treadmill features heavily in the Advanced categories with Paul Morton designing the Advanced course, to help him focus on an upcoming event.






The Intermediate was tweaked by Sean Blyth, to incorporate a transition from endurance incline, to sprint treadmill at a consistent 400 m for the last three circuits.











As normal with WGC circuits the focus is completion without ‘gassing out’ to incorporate total Performance targets to meet as you approach each station.

In the Intermediate the heart rate will show that there were two of the first three circuits that were not completed in one and recovery periods were needed. These are the issues you need to focus on (if needed)

The transition to speed on the last three circuits gives in to a new style of running , but the heart rate will peak to the same level. With the aim to complete all the step ups without a pause.

There are no forced recovery stations on this circuit but you can take recovery when ever you need it .




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