World Gym Challenge – FIT-R – Best ever Treadmill Challenge

World Gym Challenge is pleased to announce the introduction of the best ever Treadmill Challenge – ever !

Fixed Incline Treadmill Running (FIT-R)

A Treadmill Challenge has to be able to be replicated in any gym, so its no good making challenges ultra complicated or so hard that hardly anybody can attempt it – I mean what is the point ?

Take the 400 m ┬áit’s a round track and everybody can run 400 m , right? Thats the beauty of it. But you can’t set up a track in the inside of a gym, but you can run 400 m on a treadmill.

Now lets just add a little bit of difficulty to it.

10% incline

Run it at the speed that you think you can do.

Make it harder you say ?

Yup , ok. Lets make two distances 400 m Intermediate and 600 m Advanced.

Now you can’t change the speed until you have completed the either 400m or 600 m.

Fixed Incline Treadmill Running (FIT-R) is completely exclusive to World Gym Challenge and will give you the edge when preparing to race mentally.

Don’t take our word for it though, try and pop onto a treadmill and see for yourself.

Take a look at this App to see if your treadmill is calibrated – remember this challenge is designed for you to not be bored on a treadmill and give you a meaningful outcome and result every time you go on the treadmill



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