World Gym Challenge – Equal Fitness Racing (EFR)

The concept of Gym Sport

It is vital to differentiate between current physical activities and sports programs in the gym that may be in circulation at the moment so that an identity and purpose can be preserved and the vision of WGC is not distorted.

World Gym Challenge is nothing more than a database to record results for Gym Challenges , that are conducted in a gym environment. All results are recorded, so that in training or during an event a history of benchmarking can be maintained throughout your training and any event you enter.







The actual events themselves are designed by individuals who have the experience to choose to create events based on their knowledge of past events they have taken part in or elements of training they can piece together to create a suitable race that will involve a number of set physical challenges.

So far , that is what is out there currently in various formats, but WGC , centres and focuses on recording the split timing of events and giving a complete breakdown of individual timings throughout the race.






Not only that it is focused on managing the correct fitness level of each athlete that takes part to ensure they race in what we call Equal Fitness Racing. This can only be conducted through time trials before the race and having finish times that are roughly the same.






Equal Fitness Racing is then consequence of anybody of any fitness level being able to race in their category of Beginner – Intermediate or Advanced Gym Athlete. In this way the gym opens its doors to every single member in being able to race somebody who is roughly the same level of fitness as themselves.

Individuals will race somebody who is matched  to them, and this means in their field they are racing somebody ,who in theory is as much an elite athlete racing an athlete  because the body can only be pushed so far and we are not all created equal.

Equal Fitness Racing is the cornerstone fundamental practice of World Gym Challenge allowing anybody of any fitness level to race somebody in their gym of equal fitness.

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