World Gym Challenge / Creating the perfect full split circuit

Split routines are traditionally split towards the breakdown of body parts say chest and back , legs and chest day etc. But WGC uses time as the routine definer and incorporates

  • high intensity
  • low intensity
  • sliding intensity

Each routine is focused on the body as whole.

Each circuit can be broken down into

  • Full Split Circuit
  • Individual split circuit

We are going to look at the full split circuit today.

Equipment management

When creating a personal circuit  you do in the gym, probably the most important factor is your gym layout and where you can safely carry out your circuit. Always make sure its feasible – going from a deadlift to benchpress for example relies on two areas of the gym to be free. WGC always cater for a full gym in operation so that as a rule you can complete the circuits hassle free. In this case we used a bike, rower and a medicine ball. The gym had plenty of these – but there may just be the the odd occasion where its not possible to create a circuit, but it is possible to always create circuit.

The Full Split Circuit

Sometimes  creating a circuit that has too many splits and recovery breaks can be a bit time consuming, to enter in your WGC personal folder,  so the full split circuit  allows the bigger time based entry to be entered saving time in recording the information.

Breakdown of circuit.






Any gym circuit that is completed in WGC relies on good working knowledge (based over time) of understanding your intensities and heart rate variation of exercise. This mean that no longer do you just cycle and look at the data in front of you , it means that at each stage you are focusing on your halfway splits and the rpm range. You will know at any stage where you need to pick up speed, cycle faster or maintain a steady rpm to reach your desired goal – all of this as you are cycling. Physically and mentally you are being challenged. The same can be said for the rower and completion of the med ball press ups.

Looking at intensities. 






In this circuit you will see High Intensity , Low Intensity and Sliding intensity as fatigue sets in.

Depending on your fitness levels, the duration of each full split will begin to vary as will your heart rate. The split may well take longer but your heart will still be working at the same level so that means you are actually working at the same level physically, but because fatigue is setting in your split timings are slower this is the sliding scale of intensity and although your performance may be getting slower, the momentum of training is continued.

Focus, motivation and achievement .

These words are used a lot in training, but it is essentially the corner stone of each visit to the gym for a WGC athlete. There should never be a visit to the gym, that does not  incorporate all three. To enjoy your visit you must feel like you have achieved something, you must be motivated throughout the session and during the session you must be focused.

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