World Gym Challenge announces 2nd of 12 Gym Challenges – Washington

The 2nd Gym Challenge has been released into the WGC database.

Designed so that all is needed is a Kettlebell and Bench Press and around 30 minute completion time for maximum use on equipment.

We have a Bench Press / KB Squat and Bodyweight exercise Alternate Squat Thrust.( AST)


  • Bench Press ┬ácannot bounce of the chest
  • Each Circuit must be timed and Intermediates must take 1 minute recovery
  • AST must have equivalent to toes crossing a 12 inch marker
  • KB Squats , elbows must touch thighs , Kettlebell must be held by side handles and close to the chest at all times. There must be forward hip thrust at top of each rep. No crouching and counting reps
  • Do not attempt the level of event to which you are clearly not conditioned enough to enter.
  • Each event is in your folder marked ‘Monthly Challenge’
  • Results must be submitted by February 28th







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