World Gym Challenge – A new chapter in your training.

World Gym Challenge – What is it ?

I guess it’s easier to explain what it is not in the modern age. It is not an app. An app is used for you in this industry to go into a gym and use it for personal goal setting. The difference between an app and World Gym Challenge is that WGC is a sport. A sport for gyms and this is the crucial difference.

The average gym member will not wear a watch with a sports timer on their wrist and so most time based challenges are a not starter for them, so lets just rule out those who do not have a sports timing device on their wrist as well. You cannot take part effectively if you are timing yourself on a mobile. It’s too fiddly and you are likely to become beyond frustrated.

So lets figure out what World Gym Challenge is then!

World Gym Challenge is a gym challenge first and foremost. As incredible as it may seem, most modern day gyms do not engage their members into some sort of sporting challenge based on the equipment they supply.

There are a number of reasons for this , but predominately the overriding point being that gyms just do not have the know how, nor do they possess the staff qualified to create the challenges, or implement them into a structured event.

That is not to say that the staff in gyms are not qualified in personal training or gym instruction, its just that their level of competence is based on individual members for personal gain – a client.

Gym Sport , is mainly conducted outside of those circles. The average gym athlete is highly motivated and has been training in a gym for a number of years. They rarely if ever use the services of a personal trainer. Ironically personal trainers make very good gym athletes as they know the protocols to engage in methods of training.

So you should by now be getting the picture – an individual who is highly motivated. Above average fitness and finding the urge to train for something that they find in the place they train at – hence the creation of Gym Sport.







And this is where the problem lies – Gyms do not as a whole cater for that demographic. There is no money in it for them, so why waste the time to put  something on that is rarely used. And then we see the what happens when gyms just ignored those people – CrossFit was allowed to emerge and become the driving force in Fitness. And yet the infrastructure was in place for Gym Sport to be the driving force in events. All those people who liked to be challenged left their gyms in the their droves – the inspirational , motivated and very fit types, left and joined Boxes from all over the world. And the rest is history shall we say.

But Gym Sport is not CrossFit – Its so far removed from CF that it hardly shares any comparison.

Gym Sport basis for evolvement is EFR – whats that you ask ? EFR is Equal Fitness Racing, you race somebody of equal fitness to you , whether you are super fit , or juts somebody who is starting out. EFR is based on split timing of segments of racing that form the core structure for Gym Sport. Basically if you know your own training regime and can implement that into a race program, then you are on the way to being a gym athlete.







A lot of people are out there forming their own foundational building blocks to forming a sport and there is a danger of saturation when the financial rewards start to materialise and the cracks in solid companies that were first on board to create sport in fitness can develop. It really boils down to the separation of key strategic start ups and who will last the distance when the injection of major capital funding decides to dominate the fitness arena.

World Gym Challenge has been sitting in the shadows watching all sorts of events, sports and competitions , mainly based on apps being launched into the modern world , but in the past twelve years or so of its conception, training in a gym has changed little . Predominantly there are supply chains of equipment to gyms, who mainly feature the Treadmill , Bike and Rower as its core product and World Gym Challenge capitalises on using these three multi functional pieces of equipment along with bodyweight exercises  and non Olympic Lifting lifts into their regime of training. We are not CrossFit , we have no intention of being associated with CrossFit and the market of existing gyms is our bases for partners who would like to tray and create that spark in the gym for their members to train towards events that when consistently are competed will form the basis of sport recognition in a gym.

So as a pre cursor to changing skills for training adapt to modern times, so does the need to change the existing World Gym Challenge to a new challenge.

We did this , based on the three changes to make Gym Sport more available and non intrusive and disruptive to existing gyms. Gym Challenges are created so that members can compete during their normal training plans and then focus on any event should the gym choose to set up its own.

The new challenge will be announced soon , but you can see it after you have logged into World Gym Challenge in the folder named World Gym Challenge !

Have a look and see what you think !!


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