World Gym Challenge 2019

And so the search is on for Gym Athletes from all over the world.

What is a Gym Challenge? 

A Gym Challenge is a structured multi discipline race format event completed at your gym. It involves only the equipment you will find in a gym and is designed to challenge your aerobic and and anaearobic fitness.

What level of fitness is required?

Seasoned gym members who have a sound knowledge of their fitness can take part.

Who are we looking for ? 

World Gym Challenge is looking for individuals of the right mind set and determination to complete 12 Gym Challenges and put their results online.

The level of fitness required would be Intermediate and Advanced.

All Gym Challenges will feature with video content of the required disciplines on the home page of World Gym Challenge in 2019

Each challenge will feature equipment used on a gym. No Olympic lifting will be used. This is a first stage Gym Challenge concept.

January and February are free and then after that a cost of £5.00 per challenge will be required.

What do you need ?

The only equipment you will need is use of a gym and a watch to time yourself.







What will you get for £5.00 (paid via Paypal)

From January each month you  will have focus point. You will have to complete a gym challenge. You will have to go to the gym and you will have to send your results to me via the Facebook group or by invite only to the Whats App Group.

That’s it really.

That in turn will give you one years worth focus, motivation and a goal each month to achieve.

I will enter your results into gym leader boards, which will display the split timings for each of the disciplines and put them all into personal files in your World Gym Challenge data files.

The group that will run these challenges is a personal Whats App group by invite only and the Facebook group.

The Facebook group will be the driving Force of this concept and the community is expected to give encouragement, training tips and banter.

Please contact for further information.


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