What is the World Gym Challenge ? And why do we need it?

There is massive confusion the Fitness Industry and that is just fact.

Do this , do that , don’t do this , don’t that. Eat this , eat that , if you eat more of this you will get amazing results. In fact if you do it this way you will be fitter, stronger and look amazing.

OK , moving on to the real world, this message goes out to all those that joined a gym and here is the formula WGC preaches

  • Time – Record all of your workouts via a watch
  • Duration – Spend variable amounts of time in the gym
  • Intensity – Work all modes, Steady State Cardio, High Intensity, Weights and Cardio
  • Frequency – Attend the gym at least 4 times week. 
  • Recovery – Recover in between bouts of exercise and also rest days to recover.
  • Test – Challenge yourself regularly to see if your being effective in your time in the gym

Spent in a gym will get you results when applied in the correct  amount. Thats it !

What you actually do is the key in any format, but keep doing it and make sure you enjoy doing it.







Test you say ?

Yes , thats right. But how?

You see most gyms will not run gym challenges as it takes up time and resources to execute them. And with good reason. The majority of gym members just aren’t really that bothered and there is nothing wrong with that , because as long as they are going and doing what they enjoy , who are we at WGC to point fingers ?

No we are looking at the gym member who likes to be challenged and there just isn’t an option at the gym you train because the gym rightly so will not run them as the members are in effect afraid to put themselves under the spotlight.

So move on to CrossFit and see where those members who wanted to be challenged have headed and there are lots of them. CrossFit is without doubt the surge Industry in Fitness, that is somebody who grew from an existing market to create another market because the original market refused to adapt.

But who wants to do CrossFit and you will find an ultra competitive athlete , continually on the look out to improve doing CrossFit Wods.

So thats where WGC came into the frame , we have been around since 2006. Before CrossFit was popular in the UK and we looked towards magazines such as UltraFIT to gain our inspiration.









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