TruGym Chatham Gym Challenge

September Gym Challenge

It was hoped that on the 17th September 2016 at Dockside Shopping Centre in Chatham World Gym Challenge would be allowed to display Gym X Training to members of the public by holding a Gym Sport Day at this popular shopping centre in the historic naval dockside Shopping Centre.

The idea to run a charitable sports day received favorable comments from the Shopping Centre  Management  and it was then suggested to the management of TruGym Chatham for them to supply the equipment and staff to help run the day .

Also it was suggested to prepare for this day by running a number of challenges in the gym, which could be run specifically for Chatham only members, or all TruGym members to compete.

It is with great disappointment that WGC confirms that we were unable to convince the Directors of TruGym to support this venture at this time.

The area remains a prime location to exhibit Gym Sport to members of the public and further advances to possible other surrounding gyms will be made in the near future .

Keep posted … !

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