TruGym Chatham Dockside

Do gyms know how to run Gym Challenges ?

So I have been a member now of TruGym in Chatham for approaching a year. And to be honest its not that great. There is some good equipment in there and if you know how to train its great value for money, but the gym itself – na not really . I say this as if you follow the trends that are happening in Gyms and the way the culture of fitness is changing, I cant really see anything in this in this gym that is adapting to the times . Id say it was boring, unadventurous, mundane and show no real knowledge in looking towards creating member participation. I’ve been there near on a year and they don’t know my name when I walk through the door , they have never shown an interest in what I am doing, how I am training, what I have achieved. It really is a mundane gym with little or no charisma to it. So lets see what happens between now and next year , will there be any changes and I suspect not really . Lets see what happens by this time next year.

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