World Gym Challenge / How to construct the perfect Gym Circuit for you.

My name is Sean Blyth. I am the creator of World Gym Challenge. I have created the Online Database for gym challenges so that gyms can use them for their members to record results, or members can use them for themselves. In this case, we are going to look at how individuals can create the best gym circuits for themselves.

This blog is aimed at those who train in a gym, normally by themselves, without the need for a personal trainer and are wondering how to get the most out of their training. If you find yourself in that bracket read on.

Search the internet for your own purpose if this is not for you.

There is an abundance of specialised training out there on the internet. More often then not it is a paid for service. You tube is just awash with information and you can google more or less any workout to give yourself that edge and motivation.

What’s the best way to train ? 

Ask any good coach what is the best way to to train in a gym and they will say – The one that keeps you coming back.

Now that may be a dance class, spin , Zumba , circuit training .. well you know the list goes on obviously. So, its pretty well conclusive that you have to enjoy what you do to continue to do it. Preferably if it is free, then the chances are its even more of a bonus.

World Gym Challenge is free

Well the good news about World Gym Challenge is that our service is free.

The equipment we offer for you to use, is free (as you are a paying member of a gym) and the workouts we offer are free.

The only cost implication there is – is you must have a good quality sports  watch or heart rate monitor, with a stop watch facility, as all of circuits are timed based.

That is all the motivation you need.

World Gym Challenge allows you to walk into a gym and find out just how fit you are and by benchmarking and keeping a record of all of your training , you will see over time if the workouts you do are actually working.

Creating the perfect circuit

Any gym that you walked into will provide you with a multitude of equipment and will entice you with the promise to get you fit.

But the hard part is, getting fit is left to you.

So, it makes sense to be able to walk in any gym, create a circuit and leave feeling like you have really enjoyed the experience and have a achieved something.

Take a look at this circuit .

Incorporated in this circuit is The Bike, Treadmill and Rower. There is staged recovery and active recovery. The intensity is varied. And the circuit is bench marked.

  • This means that every time you walk into a gym, if you so wish, you can do this circuit.
  • You will know beforehand more or less exactly how long you will be in the gym
  • How many calories you have burned (if you have a monitor)
  • You will have know and what rate to row at, to cycle at and what speed to run at on the treadmill.

All of this because you do the sensible thing of recording what you do when you go to the gym.

Now take a look at the same circuit three weeks later

There is an improvement of 22 seconds and we know this because we have benchmarked this circuit.

All of this information is stored in your WGC account.

If you have a heart rate monitor you can record the intensity too and in this graph you will see there is a mixture of high intensity and low aerobic conditioning too .

The bike acted as the warm up , there was then suitable recovery period of two minutes. The Row was at a fairly hi intensity pace , with a suitable recovery phase . The treadmill was a full out burst of energy which needs training for, and reached the highest peak of heart rate. Followed by suitable recovery. The trick is then to try and have the same time or better in the row and bike. In this case I failed in the row, but achieved a better time on the bike.

Warm down

After the workout, a suitable phase of ten minutes on the X Trainer with a fixed heart rate of around 130 was completed.

To conclude 

The equipment used is the equipment I am paying to use in the gym. The motivation and focus I have is all based around a time based gym circuit. At no time in the gym was I bored or unmotivated. I knew exactly what I had to do, the intensities I needed to be at and the recovery that I was going to allow myself. It is basically is the perfect circuit.

The good news 

As you become a more experienced World Gym Challenge athlete, the format of your training, the exercise variation you choose and the time spent in the gym will be second nature to you . There are literally hundreds of circuits you can choose to do and finding the right one for you  is the best circuit.

Good luck in your training.



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