The perfect Gym Challenge

The Gym Challenge






In all my time at WGC I’ve been searching for the perfect gym challenge, and that’s over 11 years now. Ive seen combinations from all disciplines absolutely destroy and bring exceptional athletes to their knees. Ive seen the fit and Ive seen the fun athlete compete and push themselves in their own class equally as hard. So finding the perfect workout to suit them both is quite a challenge, but I think I have done it.

But before I go onto the perfect gym challenge, its important to reflect on what makes somebody WANT to go to the gym and to do that you must understand your reasons for going.

This year for me personally my drive and focus has been crushed beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Ive always bounced back and always had a drive to keep me pushing in the gym and working hard and always enjoy a visit to the gym.

This has been my passion for so many years that everyday I’ve always been wondering what will be my next session be like?

So my surprise this year to find myself in probably the worst shape of my life , having been affected by bad luck, injuries,  personal loss, lack of motivation and the discovery of high blood pressure and the eternal issue of being on medication.

I can say now categorically at the start of 2017 I was not expecting such a disastrous new year for my me physically.

So now I find myself searching for the perfect gym challenge to help rescue me and find me again wanting to bring that fire back in my belly instead of watching the waistline grow and see a pattern develop where going to the gym is no longer an option but an inconvenience .

So this is where I look for the perfect gym challenge for me .

And to find to find it I have to look at:

The perfect Gym Workout

  • The equipment in the gym that I use.
  • The duration that I want to be in the gym.
  • The intensity I want to work at.
  • The recovery I need.

The combinations of equipment, time and recovery are endless.







This particular challenge is not the perfect gym challenge, but it is based on the principles of what works to make the best challenge possible on the day. You can change it endlessly and the variations just add to your excitement of discovering the person you want to be.

If I can continue my progress throughout next year and keep a strict eye on my nutrition then I should be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is both physically challenging and rewarding when I visit the gym.

Be interesting to see what 2018 brings. Will I keep to the program, or fail to achieve my ambitious plans to be on track with my fitness? I guess many of you are thinking the same.

So to those of you who are looking at perhaps starting a gym regime beginning in the new year then , really learning how best to create gym challenges for you , certainly would be a good place to start.

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