Sport Relief Gym Challenge 2018 – TruGym Chatham

Sport Relief Gym Challenge 2018

On the 22nd and 23rd March Sport Relief took place and we put some members through a series of gym challenges .

Thats where I came in. I have the background into Gym Challenges and the enthusiasm to carry it out.

Although the challenges were open to everybody surprisingly only one female took part, but overall the day provided a bit of fun and was well received by those who took part.

Bench Press

The most popular event was the 50 x 50 kg Bench Press and this saw some good timings, and a good mixture of competitive robust grit. When asking members to try this challenge , there were obvious choices , the big guys were keen, the smaller muscular types also , but as a rule , there was a look of uncertainty as to whether they wanted to attempt it at all for fear of not being able to submit a a rapid time.

No one took part (apart from me previous to this) of the 50 x 30 kg Bench Press, almost as if it would be somewhat embarrassing to try something that was 20 kg lighter then the toughest challenge.

On one occasion I stopped somebody on the 50 kg (for safety) and on another occasion one member stopped because he could not complete the 50 in one go. The lactic had kicked in and rather then wait , shake out the arms a bit,  refocus chose not to complete it. Which was a shame as I was sure he would have done a reasonable time.






Two guys stuck during the supervised Advanced Bench Press challenge were   Billy Simms and Matt Buck, obviously friends and training partners and both very capable of the challenge. But the winning time went to Dean Moore who submitted a result from the unsupervised part of the day with a time of 32 seconds.











800 m Run 

2 Entrants both from the management side of things, and both impressive results from  Jack Woodard (2.38)and Kemel (2.50). I was surprised that the 800 m did not attract more of a combined entry level as it is an extreme and harsh blast of cardio for both male and female members and probably not trained for enough in the current climate of HIIT training.

750 m Row 

The second most popular event. I chose 750m as the 2000 would be too much of an ask and be a bit too time consuming under the circumstances. But this was none the less a very well paced challenge with some good consistent steady rowing. For a fitness club to find an exceptional talent for rowing is a tough find – again no female entrants but some determined rows all round.







Multi Sport – Row 750 m  & Treadmill 800 m 

Two phases of the Gym Challenge were multi Sport based -and somewhere where performance of the day was achieved. Andy Clarke a head chef from Rochester BAE Airport , can be found most days at TruGym, at 48 decided to lose in excess of three stone to the present date and gave a cracking performance which was by far the best result achieved for somebody in his 51st year.










Multi Sport – Ultimate Challenge 2 km Bike / 750 m Row – 800 m Row – 50 x 30 kg Bench Press





I took on the role for the Ultimate Challenge and as a Intermediate Gym Athlete found the challenge doable, challenging and at the end of the day made it all worthwhile. I was particularly pleased to have completed the final 50 x 30 kg in one go

It would be fair to say that from my perspective that the actual Sport Relief message did not filter through into the gym. If those that took part were doing this for Sport Relief then, it was not something I witnessed. Most did not know that Sport Relief was on, or that there was a community aspect to raising funds, but at the very least it was a starting block for some to look at their fitness levels and see what they could achieve.

It was first and foremost a fun day and on a social media platform the potential for all of the TruGym clubs and indeed all gyms in the UK  to have taken on the same challenges was there, which is where the bigger picture lies. But yet it seems , asking members to test themselves, push themselves, go into that dark zone where you will find your limits is still a long away from the mainstream gym, which also means the potential market is much bigger too , if the the simplicity of training returns to the gyms.

Many thanks to those who supported this fun day – Derek Hanbidge, Manager and the Front of House Team of Gym Instructors and staff.


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