Scotland is holding the next big Gym Challenge ‘Superfit 2007’

Managed by Inverclyde Leisure’s fitness professional fitness co-ordinators, this event will proove to be as challenging as any on the Grand Prix circuit.

Gym challenges are  certainly catching the imagination of private and local run authority health clubs for member retention and member benefits .  Members want to be motivated!

Check out this link

An excellent idea!

Will Scotland be the next country to embrace Gym Challenges? and could this be the making of a north /south Championship?

4 thoughts on “Scotland is holding the next big Gym Challenge ‘Superfit 2007’”

  1. This is a bit late notice innit? Entries closed on 28/04/07. I’d still go if they opened it up. Any chance?

  2. Sorry for the late notice. Still I think it will be a good event. If we get to see the splits it will make good comaprison to see how fit their top guys are in relation to us.

    I am not too sure if it was just a local event or if people from all over Scotland travel to it. Maybe one of the organisers would like to comment?

    Better still if they submit a race report with photo’s etc (maybe a brief dvd) we could see a bit more about X Training in Scotland.

    Really good to see the team format. Definitely what the sport needs.

  3. Has anyone got any news about how this went? Are there other similar comps. north of the border? E-mailed the organiser for info. but received no response.

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