Scotland is holding the next big Gym Challenge ‘Superfit 2007’

Managed by Inverclyde Leisure’s fitness professional fitness co-ordinators, this event will proove to be as challenging as any on the Grand Prix circuit.

Gym challenges are  certainly catching the imagination of private and local run authority health clubs for member retention and member benefits .  Members want to be motivated!

Check out this link

An excellent idea!

Will Scotland be the next country to embrace Gym Challenges? and could this be the making of a north /south Championship?

Fitness Extreme 2007

extreme-fitness-luton-2007-033.jpgOn Saturday 28th April 2007, at Fitness First in Dunstable, Luton. The Fitness Extreme event took place. This event is part of the GBXTO Grand Prix and contributes towards finding the UK’s fittest Gym Member. enables, any gym member to try for themselves the type of gym challenge that is X Training (pronounced Cross Training). A series of gym disciplines that are completed in as quick as time a s possible. It is a portal to launch gym challenges up and down the country to see how you would compare times if you ever considered entering one of these events.

Your comments are more then welcome about gym challenges and what inspires you, motivates you to train.

The bigger picture is – somewhere down the road (very shortly we hope) the major gym chains would submit their fittest atheltes to compete against one another, in a UK National Championship and for that to happen we need your views.

Please post what you feel is relevant in creating these events to be more widespread.