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Training Tips for X Training (Cross Training)

The sport is growing and so is the need to train properly. Advice from the top X trainers to anybody thinking about entering a X Training event is something that is hard to come by. Maybe a taster to the way you train is something that anybody thinking of taking up the sport could well respond to. This may in turn lead them to change  their habbits of a boring monontenous mediocre regime they may have fallen in to and enter the next event in the Grand Prix series to spice up their training.

It is of course advice offerd freely and should only be considerd after taking appropriate advice from a suitably qualified person.

Judge. Sinner or Saint?

The role of a Judge, has always been a hot issue with X Training.  Each athlete knows what is expected of them. Judges are volunteers, not paid and give up their time freely. WGC says thanks to the Judge. If they get it wrong, they are only human.

Untill the day when an official Judge Qualification is accredited by possibly REP’s or maybe FITPRO there will always be issues. Possibly one day in the future that may happen with good investment.

At this moment in time a paid judge is called a bribe! Paying Judges or Marshall is something they deserve and I hope the day comes where that is possible.

The Judge in my opinion is the saint – it’s the compeititor that is the sinner, because without Judges there would be no events.

The Dragons Gauntlet is happening on the 16th June 2007

Looking forward to the Dragons Gauntlet? Let us know how your training is going? Any pre views you may have .

 Full members (Silver and above) can complete the the challenge on line and store it in their Personal Page. That will give other members who are not taking part a real chance to see how well they would fare against the top X Trainers in the country right now, for this very challenging event.

I have heard it a million times – “In training I got this time” – well now is the chance to proove it.

Contact WGC at for the verification process and times can be verified!

Have you asked your gym to run a Gym Challenge or any X Training event? Or does it already?

 A Gym Challenge can only be carried out in a gym! It provides motivation, incentive and Participation – a sense of community. Crucially it can be used as a focus point for Charity events (in particular the charity WGC supports , the British Heart Foundation)

Have you asked your gym about organising a  X Training Gym Challenge? What did they say? WGC is curious about the WNF ( Why Not Factor) or the BF (Benefit Factor)

Could I do a Gym Challenge? (part 3) Fitness Extreme 2007

extreme-fitness-luton-2007-167.jpgThe continuing saga of what it is like to compete in a gym challenge…..

The Sit Ups (50 full)

Sit Ups are by design one of those exercises that some are naturally stronger at then others. Good core work and strong abs will get you through this section, but only if you carry out the correct instruction to the letter – elbows to the top of the knees, hands in contact with the head, or earlobes at all times. Do it properly and its 50 and move on – do not satisfy a judge that you have and you are going to have problems. Fastest time of the day Kirk Gibbons (1.08)   I can do these and don’t normally have a problem with them – at 1.37 I am satisfied.

The Treadmill (800m@ 6%)

The Treadmill or Dreadmill as it is sometimes referred to is crucial at this stage of the event. A fair balanced pen ultimate station – good on cv? It’s payback time. Catch up lost ground on the previous stations. You are facing your opponent and the race commentator (Jo) is letting you and the crowd  know, via microphone, just how far your opponent has done and at what speed they are running at – it’s time to dig deep again and catch up. Ok thats the theory and the game plan, reality for me is – my whole body is saying what are you doing? I need to rest and all you have to do is slow down. My cv has never been that good – but Nelson Anderson completes this in 3.54 and Rebecca Ceil for the ladies does it in 4. 52.  Sense eventually kicks in for me and I know the speed I am running at (roughly 9/10kph) is probably as much as my body can tolerate right now. How do I know that? Easy – I am bloody knackered!I finish at a time of 5.59

The Bench Press (Men 40 x 40 kg. Women 40 x 25kg)

If …. the famous Poem written by Rudyard Kipling allegedly missed its final line. Something along the lines . IF my son, if you can complete 40 kg Bench Press without stopping having completed all the staions in  this Gym Challenge, then my son you are a man! Only with the modern age and all – that doesn’t sit too well with the ladies (being called a man) Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind it – but no way, 40 for me is a dream and something I would love to do ( In training, from fresh and  on a good day maybe – right here and now? er no!)   Believe me at this stage of the game – to complete these last 40 reps in either Womens or Mens Weights is tough.

But the beauty of this sport is that, often is the case it is down to the last discipline that the race is decided. From a crowd point of view you cannot experience this kind of exitement unless you are there. You can see that in some cases there are just seconds seperating the leadership and as each rep is counted there is a faint hope that one may rest, that the lactic is just too much, that maybe the race will switch leads yet again and be a turn around  from how the whole race had been dictated since the off. It is incredible the atmoshere this sports generates and for those that were there – the classic Sam Orgee and Sylburn Miller final race will be a race to remember for a long time.

For those who witnessed the racing you will know what I mean about exitement  and for those who took part in either the Sprint, Intermediate or Open Categories, I have nothing but respect and admiration for.

 As far as I know, not one professional athlete has ever taken part (I could be wrong)  in the current Gym Challenge climate. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Tennis Players? Football Players? Rugby Players? etc? 

As for current X Trainers – these people are a band of happy brothers – and sisters; for this Challenge does not distinguish between gender. In gyms where Challenges are common place male and female train together – it is quite unique. They train hard and are amongst the most motivated people in a gym enviroment. And this post is dedicated to them all.

Could I do a Gym Challenge? (Part 2) Extreme Fitness 2007

extreme-fitness-luton-2007-048.jpg The continuing saga of what it is like to complete the ‘Open Category’ in a Gym Challenge …..

 The Row

As Steve Redgrave is quoted as saying, he never managed to beat the Concept 2 rower. It is one the best pieces of kit in any gym and although quite monotonous in its action, the benefits are immeasurable. Only problem now is you need to complete 500m on it in as quick as time as possible – but do you? Maybe it’s time to get a bit of a breather ? go too fast now and you will suffer later, fastest time of the day Sam Orgee (1.50) My time (2.25) kinda think maybe I took it too easy!

The Lat Pull Downs (men 40 x 42kg women 40 x 28kg)

Is probably one of the hardest to judge. If you lean back too far, it won’t count. If the arms aren’t fully extended, it won’t count. And if you get too tired and can’t do them – the judges stop counting! It’s 40 to complete, Lactic is beginning to burn and although you can see the guy or girl you are racing against leave the station ahead of you – don’t panic  there is still time to maybe catch him/her up on the next event.


Bench Jumps (100 – 50 each side)

For a bench jump to count both have to land at the same time. Complete two jumps on either side and that is one complete jump, its 50 to do then and you would have jumped over the thing a hundred times. At seven risers high, it’s not easy, the front of the shoulders are burning and the heart rate is racing , fastest time of the day Paul Morton (Master category!) 1.07 my time 1.16. Not too bad, but boy did it take its toll on the next exercise…

Step Ups ( Men 80 x 12.5kg d/b Women 80 x 80 x 8kg d/b)

It’s 14 inches high and carries the tired feet of past events in its worn rubber matting. The Boxfit Step Up Box. It is for me my Nemisus. I will never get to grip with these things. After ten I was thinking – 70 more to do. After ten I was thinking – Holy cow how am I going to complete this? But for some, this is where the top athletes get a breather! Not a problem for Jason King (2.54) me , a very , very tired and lack lustre finsih time of 5.30. Those extra 70 I had to do – call it a wall moment for me, they took their toll, but this challenge is about digging deep and I did. Completing them was for me a personal goal. As for catching up my opponent Mike Jones a Personal Trainer and great guy  from Fitness First in Gorton Manchester – he’s away and all I see is  for me to complete this challenge.

There are still three more stations to complete. I have got the worst of it out of the way (actually thats a brave statement) The sit ups (50 full), the treadmill run  (800m @ 6%) and bench press (40 x 40 kg) are each in their own right, as tough as any station on this course and at this moment in time – they are waiting for you – willing you to fail, to give up , quit – almost snarling at you as if they were living entities. But do you? No way – there are judges urging you on, giving you that extra something in motivation -  there are screams from the crowd urging you on and there is determination.

Part three concludes later….