Free for Gyms.

Just in case a passing gym owner may be surfing the net, or  a member of a gym not currently doing the WGC - Challenge.

Did you know that is free ? Your gym can have it’s own database for this challenge!

It is up and running purely and simply to increase member particiaption in X Training? A new sport that can only be carried out in a gym enviroment and is cross gender – sport specific – set at all levels, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and designed to create gym member communial development.

Is your gym missing out? All of your members could do the challenge and see their results on line specific to your gym.

Just contact for further details.

The future Of X Training (Cross training)

There is a certain site that claims to represent this sport. It claims that it’s sole intention is that it wants to promote X Training and those that take part in this sport – yet will not support what WGC is trying to do.

Let’s just see what WGC is trying to do.

After each event this year, a complete breakdown of splits has been printed for each X Trainer and their personal record has been updated with their performance for the event they entered. Which is the single most important reason this site was set up for.

Also members cannot progress to advanced levels unless they have entered a X Training event based on the Grand Prix or have a verified time of the WGC – challenge.  The most they can achieve is bronze level. All these measures were introduced to increase participation.

 How can anybody claim to represent a sport, yet refuse to support the one site that can put X Training in any of the current UK formats, in any gym in the world that has a PC and can  create a database for it - which would give indication of location , participation levels and enthusiasm?

Why is this? Actually  WGC is not really that botherd because it thinks it knows the answer – but it would be fair to give the other site that claims to represent the growth of X Training a fair chance to answer.

If they can be bothered to answer – please feel free – or if anybody wants to add to this blog please do.

Intresting question if you ask me? The answer I guess would be more intresting ………..

What sport would excel at X Training (Cross Training)

The members section of the worldgymchallenge is catergoriesed in sub sections for any sport that tries this challenge. For example if you were a Tri athelte would you do a faster time then a top football player?

WGC knows the significance of sport specific training, but the sport has one thing in common with all the sports that are listed. You all train at some time in a gym and X Training can only be carried out in a gym? Do you see the pattern?

List yourself in the category of sport you do in your Personal Profile and lets see how each sport compares to this single challenge – interesting stuff I am sure ….   …..   …..

The X Training (pronounced Cross Training) best Event so far

Still wating for those comments on the events this year. Had a good one? Wasn’t too good personally – any changes you’d like to see? Anything that would make X Training better?Or is it as good as it gets? X training needs the comments to improve – or just a reaction to all the hard work that goes into organising these events.

The X Training (pronounced Cross Training) On Line Gym Challenge is happening all over the UK.

The On Line Gym Challenge is freep61637051.JPG

p61636261.JPGRunning, Rowing, Cycling, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Bench Jumps,Step Ups, Sit Ups!

8 disciplines that you already do in a gym – try X –  Training for a change to your training.

Have you got what it takes? And does your gym want a free poster to encourage participation?

For a limited time it is free to all new members – and Free to Gyms permantly! The gym gets its own database of all entries and can create it’s own gym challenge “In House” Plus many other benefits.

Contact if you are gym and want to know more.

If you don’t like X -Training – there are plenty of other challenges to choose from!

Like the idea?