January World Gym Challenge 2019 – Training

Developing Consistency 

The most important part in any challenge is belief in what you can do. As soon as the mind thinks you can’t do it, then the body normally follows. This is relevant to any gym challenge, only it differs slightly. Firstly you have to have the mindset that you want to do it. Secondly you have to train for it. Thirdly you have to complete it. So in effect it is a three stage Challenge . On completion you will have a sense of pride that you completed the challenge and you also completed the training for it . But what is more important is that you are creating a habit. You are developing the mind set to engage in being challenged so that in the end you will need to see progress and development. Once that has been achieved a certain sense of pride within yourself for completing all the stages there is to a gym challenge allows the mind and body to prepare for the next one. This is probably why I have remained a member of a gym for over 25 years – the need to challenge myself. Ideally it would be better set for me to challenge somebody of equal fitness to me, but currently the gyms are just not ready for this.

Swiss Ball Press Ups 

Allows you to have some support for the core but also makes you engage the core as you progress the numbers. I have found that reaching 20 is just about the right number as muscle fatigue in the later stages builds up at around 15 reps. So I am pushing through the final reps with a mindset of competing them all without resting the body. Even if it means remaining in the upright position for added core work.

2 km Bike  

Technogym Bike , with a rpm of between 95 – 105 in a consistent format. Finishing in a time of around 3.45 is suitable . The heart rate will remain relatively constant at around 137 bpm at this tempo , which should mean that you are in a strong position to continue on to the further stages without tiring and needing rest.


Today’s Circuit was completed with the intention to complete 10 rounds, but I found 8 I had had enough and listened to a sense of caution as my splits were slowing down. And I was reaching mental and physical fatigue – or was I ? In reality I probably could have carried on at around the same tempo under pressure in a race format , but the thought of having done enough for the day , was enough for me to quit training. After all , there is always tomorrow .

There was a slight watch malfunction on this challenge which has been accounted for in the splits.




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