How to create the perfect ‘Gym Challenge’ for your gym.

The perfect gym challenge

It seems in this day and age that the dawn of the WOD (Workout of the day) has set a precedent in what challenges should be like. And in theory if you are CrossFit orientated and of a fairly high and competent level of fitness with a good understanding of your body, then completing WODs is no bad thing.

What World Gym Challenge does is break down the format of a challenge and engage the athlete to tackle a challenge in stages. This allows the athlete to be more focused on the challenge ahead and by breaking down the splits, you engage not only the physical stress, but also the mental stress too. For example The Run Bike Row Gym Challenge . This was designed for its simplicity and its generic compatibility with almost any gym.

  1. Treadmill – 400 m 10 % Incline
  2. Bike – 2 km
  3. Row 500 m

Each of these stages require specific adaptation over time to overcome. Periodisation of this challenge is in the region of  8 weeks to 3 years to peak.

Now thats a pretty bold statement and reflects on your current levels of fitness , your history of training and your mental state. But there will be an element of this challenge that will throw your entire body into breakdown if you have not trained for it properly. Having said that, you can also do this challenge without any real physical preparation as a training day.

Training your mind

The perfect gym challenge must be doable by any one athlete. If you think about it running 400 m on a track strikes this balance. Anybody can run 400 m who is of general good health, the trick it comes down to is the time it takes you to do it. And a good gym challenge takes on that principle. Once you know you can complete a distance you can then train for it properly.

Understanding the splits

Breaking down the splits and pre preparation comes in time. Knowing what speeds to run at , what pull ratio you must complete the row in  and the rpm of the bike all comes with time and practice. You must have a a sound understanding of these basic requirement based on your own level of fitness if you want to become a gym athlete. If you are not wearing a watch with a stop watch function you are not going to be able to train properly

Your Gym Layout

To create the perfect gym challenge your gym must have the space or the equipment set out in the appropriate order. This must be done so that the transitions from equipment are done as safely and as fast as possible to save on time. At each station you must be timed.

Periodisation to the event

Make announcements that the event is going ahead in good time. Involve as many personal trainers and gym staff as possible and create a community feel for this occasion. In the gym itself members  can find training partners to push one another and time each other making sure you record your progress. A good standard time is eight weeks from start to finish. But that is only for the first occasion, remember the peak training time for this event is around 3 years.

Create an atmosphere

The biggest stumbling block by far. In the gyms we have used so far there is normally one person who leads the way. One person who needs to inspire the entire gym to get motivated and focused. And this is where the problems start. Unless there it total commitment from the management to the athlete, there will be no challenge. The day to day running of any gym takes precedent over any challenge. So creating an atmosphere  is the singular most important part of any challenge, without a sense of taking part, you will not have an event.

Letting people know their results

Having trained for eight weeks, its important that you know your splits from the event so that you can benchmark them for any training plans or challenges.

World Gym Challenge

Fortunately World Gym Challenge  allows any WGC  event to take place in your gym and have an online leader board on hand so that all splits can be inputted at the time of the race for cross comparison. It is here, when you see the breakdown of the splits that you will understand just what is possible and how much more in the way of training you will need.

Post Event

Use social media to really showcase what your gym did. Create video and photo content. Interview your members like they are top ranking athletes and write about them, promote them and use their stories so that the next event gains the momentum so everybody is looking forward to it. It is true to say after every gym challenge I have ever taken part in I have never heard anybody say that they did not enjoy it. Your members will thank you for it and stay, possibly tell their friends who may want to join and be at your gym and membership retention would benefit , its very much a win win scenario.

Training for the Run Bike Row 


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