Hampshire XT 2017

2nd December 2017

David Lloyd in Hedge End Southhampton saw the annual and most popular XT event take place. Entries from all over the UK , US and Iceland came to compete in this arduous and very difficult challenge.






Consisting of nine disciplines, of varying rep range and distance, three categories of athlete had to race down the course with the fastest time being  the winner .

The Disciplines were :

  1. Step Ups (with dumbbells)
  2. Press Ups
  3. Shuttle Runs
  4. Sit Ups
  5. Bench Press
  6. WattBike
  7. Burpees
  8. Row
  9. Seated Shoulder Press

The course is well established with varying exercises based over 20 years plus.

It was unfortunate that WGC was not involved in any capacity to supply live results and create a continuation of records  and databases for the results for the competitors to receive and look back on over the years ,in fact looking back this ceased in 2008 where I competed on top of a massive hangover and had a great time.


In fact , in the results above  is also results for Anton and Joseph Micallef who have both gone on to compete in Advanced levels.

Robert Gottlieb

So on this occasion, I visited just to really watch a friend race down the course. Robert Gottlieb had traveled from the US to take part and has done on several other occasions too. I felt a sense of immense pride and satisfaction seeing Robert race, something Im sure he shares too. A friend for over ten years Robert represents the true athlete in gym sport, not somebody who is supremely fit but somebody who just loves the thrill of competing, challenging himself and enjoying the day.

Press Ups

Can of worms time. Can Press Ups continue in event race line up ? IMO no. Press Ups are just too difficult to consistently get right by a group of judges who have the difficult task of counting reps, which are just fogged in inconsistency. The exercise is terrific and will continue to end of time with people trying them, but in competition no. This was discussed with Harry Thomsett while at SID 2017 (Strength in Depth) and he was in agreement that press up are just too difficult to judge consistently.

The race report …

No race report. I was in a visiting role who just visited this event to see a friend race , while there I took out the Go Pro and filmed a few friends who Ive known over the years compete and show a film record for them. These have been published onto WGC Blog page.



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