Gym Sport – School work outs to continue into your adult life.

The school is a giant arena for gym sports

Years ago I had dealings with the FIA -Fitness Industry Association (which is now UK Active) I was a member for a period of time and during that time it would be fair to say that we did not get along. The FIA it seemed liked the big establishments and as a not for profit organisation membership that was crucial. So as a single database to capture a new sport in fitness, we did not fit into the super elite of the fitness world.

But what was I saying then (2006)  the industry needs to change . The industry needs a new fresh approach it to its stagnant, boring and mundane routine of work outs. What we needed was a sport.






And here came the problems, the then man in charge of the FIA was David Stalker and he was adamant that fitness was not a sport, it was a means to train for a sport. The fall out was inevitable as the FIA could not see a developing market that was to be headed by the UK. We had the athletes, the events and the data to showcase what the UK Gym Athlete was capable of, but it did not matter, because we were not a recognised sport, and as such Sport England who were not then talking with the FIA , could not contribute towards funding,  in their eyes Exercise Movement and Dance was all that was needed as a sporting National Governing Body, which had no intention of creating a sport for gyms.

So we move on twelve years to where are now and the rise of CrossFit is dominating the gym scene. Described then as micro gyms, the growth is phenominal.

I wonder how David Stalker fees now with his vision to fitness is not a sport?

But maybe now there is a sense of logic into sport adapting into schools. The recent non impact rugby debate is now gaining momentum, no doubt , 10 years on there will be a very serious , if not enforced gaming rules which will minimise the extension into sports from schools.

So is there not now  a case to be heard for gym sports to be fronted by the education board of the UK? A non impact sport that continues from school into your adult life.







World Gym Challenge, had this vision in 2006 based on the scenario, as you go through school, you are tested on what you have learned (exams) Results published form the basis of education statistics on whether the school is performing and the teachers achieving in their teaching, in many cases funding is dependent on schools performing well.

It would make sense for gyms to test their members into achieving increased fitness, by means of a sport created using the equipment used in a gym.

Public funding would make much more sense if there was a continuation from education, into adult life, where the sport you did at school could continue, not for the elite of the sporting few, but for those who will in later life join a gym, and be prepared to be able to engage in a sporting activity.

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