How good is your Personal Trainer? I am a Personal Trainer.

Please pass comment on how good your Personal Trainer is.

Also if you are a Personal Trainer and would like to voice your opinion on the Industry, please do.

For example, a letter was recently published saying gyms were taking too much money off Personal Trainers in rent, increasing gyms profits, but hitting hard the Personal Trainer. possibly forcing the standard to drop to increase a higher number of clients, or forcing Personal Trainers into another trade for a higher income – would you agree? Or has the gym got it right?

Personal Trainers are welcome to post comments.


The way to train for X Training events is a closely guarded secret. There are few people who are mentally and physically tough who take these challenges on.

Any tips in training – for events can be recorded here.

Any advice given is free and should be consulted with a professional person who can analyse your capabilities before you embark on strenuous activity.

The Health and Fitness sector is worth £3.9bn (MBD)

WGC would like you to cast your vote on the current Poll (left blue column) on the Health and Fitness  Industry.

Maybe you work as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, or own a Gym and would like to cast a vote? You would know more then anybody because you are the people on the ground.

Maybe you have recently joined a gym? Care to vote? Is the gym you belong to taking a hands on view to get you fitter since you joined?

WGC has asked this question because it feels it is relevant to the vast sums of money being generated. Such a lucrative Industry should at some stage show how it can benefit it’s member or employee.

So, worker within the Industry, or member of the Industry. Do you feel you have benefited since you joined a gym? And are you getting either value for money or well paid for the job you do?  Please vote or pass a comment.


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Training Tips for X Training (Cross Training)

The sport is growing and so is the need to train properly. Advice from the top X trainers to anybody thinking about entering a X Training event is something that is hard to come by. Maybe a taster to the way you train is something that anybody thinking of taking up the sport could well respond to. This may in turn lead them to change  their habbits of a boring monontenous mediocre regime they may have fallen in to and enter the next event in the Grand Prix series to spice up their training.

It is of course advice offerd freely and should only be considerd after taking appropriate advice from a suitably qualified person.