FitBrit winner 2017 Nicci French talks with WGC


FitBrit is the closest format for what WGC offers gym members. In principle it is trying to find the fittest members of gyms by offering a competition based gym challenges based on time. The winner being the person with the quickest time.

The differences between WGC and FitBrit is that WGC looks at the significant split time of all the elements of training and events for gym challenges , whereby FitBrit is just a final time scenario.

There is no such gym challenge on this planet that is deemed the  hardest. All that can be learned from them is the comparable differences in the final times. In this , FitBrit fails, but where it succeeds is the amount of people that take this challenge on.

Most gyms in the UK do not provide gym challenges for members to train towards, but DW Gyms and Fitness First have combined in an effort to find the fittest from their members. WGC spoke to the female winner Nicci French from Poole Fitness First and asked here about the gym challenge and winning in 2016 and 2017.

What is the secret to winning FitBrit ?

No secret, just regular training. I vary my week doing strength training, HIIT training and endurance work- plus the odd world gym challenge thrown in. Nearer fit Brit, I train more specifically towards the elements in the competition

Do you miss the races between you and Tracey Davies?

Tracey Davies and Nicci French’s races against each other were always close year on year at the FitBrit Finals. Tracey stopped competitive racing in 2015.

Yes, the competition was good between us. I had beaten Tracy and she had beaten me- then we were 2 seconds apart in our final race! Would have loved to have paired up for an event with her!

What advice would you offer in how to train for FitBrit?

I have stuck to the same format over the years I have been taking part. Practise is key in this event.

You are a masters category athlete . Why do you think you are beating those younger then you ?

I think that women can become fitter and stronger as they age. Plus I train harder now then when I was younger as I have more time now that my children are older. I am more determined and focussed now I am older as I always think that this could be my last year!

What did you have to eat on the day of the final ?

This year I was away from home so I ate slightly differently. Generally I would eat corn cakes with nut butter followed by natural yogurt with fruit and nuts. I would have a snack about an hour before I competed- either a banana or some nuts.

What benefits have you been given by Fitness First ?

I have received free membership to Fitness First and a variety of other prizes over the years. The best year was winning a racing bike plus £250 of sports clothes!

As a female in your gym and winner are you a role model at all to other members ?

It would be nice to think so! I think I am proof, along with a couple of my friends, that you do not have to lose your fitness just because you are over 30. You can become stronger and more focussed but may have to tweak your workout.

The aim of FitBrit is to find the fittest gym members , how do you think this has transpired ?

I think it is developing well, especially now that DW are involved. There are more competitors nationwide so it will be interesting as more DW members get involved. It is the 10th year this year and I believe they are planning something bigger to celebrate this.

Have you ever considered CrossFit?

I have not considered joining a Crossfit gym but some of the training I do is similar to the Crossfit style. I enjoy combining strength and cardio in intense short sessions. The World Gym Challenge also provides circuits which are intense and challenging!

Whats the golden rules for keeping motivated and focused for performance ?

You have to enjoy what you do and make sure you have variety in your training so that you avoid being bored and injured. It also helps to have a training partner to keep you motivated

FitBrit 2017 – Gym Circuit 2

Treadmill / Row / Bike / CTF Lateral Jump Burpees

Do you know your treadmill speeds / 500 m row / stroke pace / RPM Bike  pace at maximum level ?

OK ,  so you are now in the sub 12 minute category of FitBrit (Advanced) and you are thinking about training for the big day in December and then thinking how is the best way to train for this?

Well lets something straight outa the way first, those of you with a qualifying time of  – sub 10’s (Men) sub 11 (Women’s) one of you will win this.

So there is no magic potion here, if you are in that category, chances are you have a good shot at winning FitBrit. But training for FitBrit needs a very good understanding of your maximal output.

So here at WGC , we have developed a Treadmill , Row , Bike and CTF finish Circuit.


To understand your maximal outputs in set distances.

A game plan before you go into the final is a good starting point. To know what your maximal reach is during each stage of FitBrit in your head and what you can do without gassing out during your race is a sensible approach.

Alternative Training

Alternative Training is the new approach to endurance events, where the focus is more on  brain activity during an endurance race and heart rate control. It’s exclusive to WGC and is reliant on having a sports watch monitor and understanding splits in your training approach.

Treadmill speeds 

Know your treadmill speeds








This 2000 m pyramid plays on set speeds with 30 seconds recovery

800 m – as fast as you can on one speed

600 m – match your above speed

400 m – match your above speed

200 m + 2 kph on your best speed

Row 500 m pace 

Know your 400 m pull / stroke finish








At 400 m (finals distance) you need to get as much distance covered in the shortest possible time (No shit Sherlock) But if you get on to row and are unable to give your best ever 400 m, it could be the matter of winning and losing .

The final 400 m needs to be conducted by not even looking at the screen , but knowing how many pulls / strokes will get you to the finish line. So you must work on your row ratio. And get the most economical finish.

You must be able to complete 400m in your set number of pull / strokes.

Bike RPM 

Maintain high RPM on the Bike








Lvl 14 for Men is a hard slog and Level 10 for women is a push

120 plus rpm must be maintained for the duration of the 1.5 km .

You will need to be coming in under 2 minutes – 2.20 for a 1.5 km finish

Ideally if Mens Fitness and Fitness First DW Fitness got their act together they would be supplying WattBikes.

World Gym Challenge – FitBrit Gym Circuit 2 

30 second recoveries prepare the brain in knowing exactly what breaks you are getting when mixed with fixed distances .

2 min recovery breaks allow the heart rate to return to a lower acceptable start point

FitBrit Gym Circuit 2








The CTF Lateral Jump Burpees need to be completed in one hit, which will be possibly where a lot of finalist will come unstuck and a smooth technique , is what needs to be worked on.






FitBrit 2017 – 13 weeks to go.

FitBrit 2017 

There are roughly 13 weeks to go till the final of FitBrit and probably the winner is already at peak fitness now. That it is to say , the qualifying time and the actual final result, will not vary by much. Excitement and the the encouragement of the crowd will create an edge and your winning time may be a few seconds quicker, but then again you can get penalised for non reps and keeping focused, when being frustrated is another complication and very hard to deal with.







Mental Focus

Before you know it the final is here. These past weeks of training have now come to an end and you have arrived to take part in your possibly your first final. How do you keep your body in tune? How do you not let the nerves get to you ? What should you eat ? How will you cope with being judged? These questions all rely on what you do now and what happens on the day of the final and its all about preparation.


With 13 weeks to go you may think that you now have it covered. But what is your opposition thinking? Are they thinking we can train relentlessly , and go all out giving the body a  huge beasting to prep and be ready for that day. Or are they thinking , Ive peaked now and now I need to train smart. I need to know every part of this course. I need to be trained in all aspects of recovery and taking my body to its limits. I need to look at my nutrition so that when I turn up , there is nothing more I can do. I am ready.

Being ready 







The winners of Fitness events at extreme level will not vary much, those that won it last year will rank well this year. They are looking out for the newbies, who have come out of dark and waiting to unleash their talents. There are those as well that have been involved in Gym Sports for ten years or so who may choose to enter.  There is a certain breed of athlete who is just formatted to cope with circuit type event and they are ready now. They are fine tuning their training. They have the confidence and more importantly the ability to push any single athlete on the day to their extreme limit. They have what it takes to be at the top of their game for around ten minutes extreme pain , where every second counts, every transition has been prepared for and in some cases, their game plan is going according to all of their training. Thats what will make the difference.

World Gym Challenge will help you in that preparation. 

We will provide a number of gym challenges specifically aimed at FitBrit, to help push you to your extreme. To keep you focused in the gym.

Look out for our FitBrit Challenges … coming soon


FitBrit 2017

So it looks like FitBrit is back on the agenda for all you gym members out there.

Let me tell you this, FitBrit ain’t easy and probably this year, the winner will be somebody who thoroughly deserves the title of UK’s fittest gym member. And thats for one reason, because FitBrit is the only gym challenge of significance that caters for a multi regional event. Meaning that from all over the UK gym members can go up against the best.

Let’s have a look at this years event.

And break it down into the Male category

Traditionally this event has always been a Run , Bike , Row meaning that is where the significant time gains can be made, but this year with the lateral CTF (Chest to floor) Burpee that could well be a game changer.

A lot of new exercises into this year’s challenge too incorporating more Barbell, Kettlebell and high lactic exercises. So a welcome break from previous years where the exercises were too generic to really test the individuals down the course.

If you want to send splits to World Gym Challenge then its quite easy, all you have to do is get a personal trainer to fill out the online verification form and we will enter it for you free of charge.

Remember , the smart people will look at their splits, because thats the way the smart people train, just ask, Tracy Davies (Winner) Nicci French (Winner) and Charles Green (Winner)

World Gym Challenge Training Tip

Here’s some advice in how to train for FitBrit – if you want to push yourself hard , then create a circuit . Look at the split for that circuit and try to beat it .