Are gym challenges good or bad for your gym ?

There are many reasons that gym challenges are not completed at gyms and the overriding evidence in this statement is that of all the local gyms I have been a member of  none have run a gym challenge for me to compete in.

Local area would include ROKO Gillingham  , Black Lion Leisure Centre, Gillingham , TryGym Chatham, Reynolds Rainham.

Of all of these local gyms I have requested that Gym Challenges be put in place, for me to train towards, yet for some reason a gym challenge is alien to the very people who own gyms.

And you have to ask yourself why ?

The evidence is overwhelming that those who compete in gym challenges are superbly fit, motivated and focused. Indeed when Fitness First and DW gyms went in search in finding the fittest gym members in the UK it came as no surprise that the winning females for 5 years running have all been those that compete in gym challenges on a regular basis. Even some of the male winners over the last 5 years have been gym athletes.

So , then if Gym Challenges produce exceptional levels of fitness, why won’t gyms run them ?

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I can only reflect on my current Gym – TruGym in Chatham Kent when I look for answers. As a member I asked for challenges to be run and as a business I asked for challenges to be run and on both occasions I have been turned down.

It may sound like sour grapes that gym challenges are not created in the likes of TruGym, but I find it odd that they are not encouraged at all. The whole idea of gym members finding a common purpose and training for an event has over the years in the gyms I have witnessed this at has produced nothing but a feeling of bonding and support, from the personal trainers who may find extra clients who want to train for fitness events, or indeed the member who was just bored and needed something else to train for.

I find it hard to understand the mentality of the modern day gym, that are focused on Functional Fitness as a way of encouraging some sort of mass drive to the only way to train is by HIIT Classes or seeking the help of personal trainers. It seems also that there is a massive failing by UK Active in not creating a culture of sport within gyms, whereby as you leave school, you are prepared to enter a gym and know how to train effectively using the equipment provided. On so many occasions, Ive heard form a generation of voices saying we just don’t know how to use the equipment properly in a gym. How is that possible with modern day schools having purpose built gyms in the their grounds?

If a gym claims it will get you fit, then there has to be documented evidence of this working. Not so much on losing weight as gyms simply don’t work work on that front unless you are seriously combining a healthy nutrition to accompany it.

So, will there be a difference in 2018 ? Will gyms be encouraged to try a sport that the whole gym can try if they so wish? Will gyms encourage their members to go out of their comfort zone and look for widening challenges? Or will they as I suspect just let things run they way there are and not do anything.

So far for 2018, in the gym I train at TruGym there are some fancy new posters on the wall, which are very pleasing to the eye, but I suspect will not do much to change the way people train, or seek new challenges. It will be much the same as it was last year. Walk through the door , nod at the receptionist and get on with your own training. Nothing wrong with that, but I just feel it could offer so much more.


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