‘Alexander’ World Gym Challenge September Gym Challenge

Alexander the Great , considered by many to be the most successful Military Commander who ever lived.

So we do not ┬átake his name lightly with September’s challenge and make this a series of seven challenges with firm commitment to train for seven ┬ádays.


Seven days is a firm commitment to train in your gym. We are not asking you to train for outrageous amounts of time or duration, in fact we have split the challenges so that they only last up to a maximum duration. Each challenge is based on a time format of :

  • Sub 5 mins
  • Sub 10 mins
  • Sub 20 mins
  • Sub 30 mins
  • Sub 40 mins
  • Sub 50 mins
  • Sub 60 mins

These are based on the results of former WGC Gym Athlete Tracy Davies records of the challenges that she had completed in the past.

Obviously you are not expected to beat all of these times, but you can see the split timings for each challenge and final times.

Super Press & Squat (Sub 5 )





Hell Cat (sub 10 )




Moray (Sub 20)





Full Moon Howler (Sub 30 )





Cochise (Sub 40)





Ripley (Sub 50)






Excalibur (Sub 60)






The challenges are based on equipment and exercises that you will find in a gym and in most cases, will be doable in most gym layouts as they mainly use CV equipment and Bodyweight exercises.

You must complete all seven challenges in any order to pass.

Depending on how many results you achieve that are within the times stated, will depend on your final grade

Distinction – all 7

Merit- 5 / 7

Very Good 3 / 7

Good 1/ 7

Pass – to complete all 7

Fail not to complete all seven


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