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The benefits of a good Gym X Training Circuit.

A good Gym X Training Circuit may well see you competing in the next gym challenge.

WGC was the first to introduce the Gym X Training Circuit. This method of training compliments perfectly the Gym Training Competitions that have taken place in the last 15 years. They have been introduced to give a sense of purpose to your training and for you to actively take part in gym challenges without actually competing, but at the same time seeing real results.

Gym X Training Circuits have been designed primarily to give each visit to the gym a sense of purpose. Not to so much what am I going to do today? But I know what I want to do, I just need a stopwatch on my wrist to motivate me in the time I want to do it in.

The circuits have the benefit of if a piece of equipment is being used you can adapt to the next sequence in the challenge and return to that piece of equipment later. As there are body weight exercises incorporated in the circuits that means that you will on the whole be able to do all the circuits within the confines of a rowing machine, X Trainer, Treadmill and bike. As there is no competition involved (you are racing against you) this gives you the freedom to challenge yourself at your own intensity.

A new Gym X Training Challenge (GymXTC™) was entered into your folders today for the more experienced gym member the (1h). This circuit involves The X Trainer, The Concept 2 Rower, The Treadmill, The Bike and body weight exercises, to be completed three times. The target time is under  1 hour of exercise to complete the final stage. Those of you who are Intermediate should be able to do this quite comfortably - the Advance guys will be looking at around sub 50 maybe even more.

Gym X Training Circuits were brought into the scene by World Gym to benefit your training in challengeing yourself at each station, In fact today young lad of no more than 10 approached me and said “Do you enjoy training?” To which I replied ” I only enjoy it if I am challenging myself and I see results” Do you enjoy Training”, I asked, “Sometimes” he replied.

There is still a lot to do in getting the message ot there of the benefits of Gym X Training and who knows,  ” Do you enjoy training?” May just turn into “Yes, I really enjoy challenging myself and seeing results every time I visit the gym” from every 10 year old who ever visited a gym.