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November 18, 2011
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Personal Trainers Unite






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Click here to read this months newsletter.

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What a corker of a gym challenge!

This one is for those of you who thought the treadmill was boring. Believe it isn’t. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the gym, which can give very good workouts. But as always it depends on how much you are prepared to work on it.

warm up for five to ten minutes

Complete 5 circuits Advanced

Complete 4 Circuits Intermediate

Complete 3 Circuits Beginner

Each Circuit comprises of a 1000 m run. At each 200 m increase the incline by 2%, so at the last phase you are running at 8% for 200 m

Here’s the trick, you cannot adjust the speed. It must remain at a set level for each stage.

Here’s the good bit, after each 1000 m you have a 100 m recovery at 0% incline and at 3 kph. Your heart rate should come down during this phase. You then begin the next 1000m after the 100 m recovery.

What speed can you maintain? 8 kph, 10 Kph? 11kph, 12 kph, 13kph, 14 kph, maybe 15 kph? 

If at any stage you have to lower the speed, you have failed the challenge.

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August Newsletter 2011

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This exciting challenge which is to be held at the Good Health Show over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of October, will be a first in inter gym challenges, to find the UK’s Fittest ‘Gym-Fit’ Club.

Training has to start now to prepare yourself for the ‘hardest shortest gym challenge’ in the world today.

You have 10 minutes to complete this challenge! So please make sure you enter at the right category.

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Has your gym got what it takes when it comes to gym fitness?

WGC has paired up with York Fitness to create The York Fitness - World Gym Challenge. This challenge will test you in the shortest time, but the maximum amount of effort from you.

The challenge will be in two categories Advanced and Intermediate.

For those gyms who enter - free access to WGC for their members for one year.

Instant results published into leader boards which are viewable online.

Personal Folders of your results into your own WGC account.

The chance to race against the best gym athletes in the UK.

A chance to get your gym into local media as the ‘UK’s fittest club in Gym Fitness’

A point system will follow the final race.

Teams consist of Maximum of 5 entries per club (Top 5 placings will receive points)


Each person who enters from a team will receive 1 point (maximum 5 points)

The top ten results will receive 10 for first place running to  1 for 10th


Each person who enters receive 1 point (maximum 5 points)

The top 5 will receive points (5 for 1st running to 1point for 5th)

In the event of a drawer, the fastest time from the Leader Board (Advanced)  will be the winning club.

YOU WILL NEED TO TRAIN FOR THIS EVENT …… and now is a good place to start !

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Personal Trainers now have a voice.

A new Facebook group has emerged based on the principle of Independent Operators Unite (IOU) which was formed last year by Creative Marketing.

The Facebook group is called Personal Trainers Unite (PTU) and is solely for pt’s and gym members who support the work they do. This group is set up to have links between REP’s, Skills Active and other bodies that represent fitness professionals.

It will not have dealings with the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) because it is not a member. Although findings it acquires in the following months will be made aware through as much media avenues as possible. And it is hoped will be acted upon in some cases.

Personal Trainers Unite is not an opportunity to criticise gyms or working practises, but get a balanced view for a fair working practise that encourages a more profitable balance when  working for the fitness industry, the additional skills that have been acquired and justification for additional income. 

Already the board is awash with good positive constructive input - which gives a focus point on many current issues and feelings by those who are the backbone to getting the UK fit and active.

This is a closed group so it is by invitation only - so personal trainers can freely express concerns they may have.

If you have a current skill that you feel would be well placed to further this group into the mainstream, then please contact for futher details.

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In this months edition of REPs magazine is a fascinating survey by Muriel Bankhead, head of research and information at Skills Active.

Whilst there is no doubting that the industry needed a body to professionalise the industry, the findings are more a look at what we have done to raise standards and at the same time, ignoring those who are responsible for actually making hands on changes towards peoples lives - the personal trainer.

Since its inception in 2002, membership has risen from 30,000 to 40,000 and claims it has more of a hands on role with individual fitness practitioners than it does with employers.

So, what then is the function of REPs? Remember over 40, 000 members. On one hand it is responcible for seeing the growth of a professional body within the fitness industry and on the other has 40, 000 trained professionals on it’s books. Reading the article and looking at the figures published, I think the more alarming question is What can it do for the personal trainer? And basically the answer is nothing. All it can do is fuel the income of training providers and this is does exceptionally well.

The Register represents the interests of the fitness industry not the personal trainer, of which 40, 000 are members.

Recent talks with some personal trainers on Facebook, give a fascinating insight to true feelings of some very highly qualified personal trainers in the UK. The conclusion of which would be that Sales personnel are on reflection better paid and do not have pay out thousands of pounds on very demanding and time consuming courses. Yet, when it comes to it, there is a limited amount of members who actually use personal training services within gyms, so competition is hard and the fight to establish regular clients very difficult. Add on to this the rent that is due from the pt to the gym and you find yourself, spending out thousands, becoming highly qualified and yet gyms, whilst having support from from REP’s and the FIA are more focused on member retention and new memberships.

So in fairness, would it be fair to say that whilst the necessity for a body like REPs to be established is paramount, the actual use it does is very limited as it cannot act on behalf of a single member who finds that the courses are expensive, time consuming and after they have qualified, there is no reflection by the gym to publish any results that a single client or member has achieved .

I think the industry is flawed - the best it can come up with after all of the training that is undertaken is lose weight, or drop a dress a size, this is simply not good enough. To say that REP’s is a success is folly. Success is based on evidence of results and not a single gym publishes them. Which means that whilst highly qualified individuals, who are driven to make a change to peoples lives could step forward and make that difference - they are basically ignored in favour of new memberships and retention, because that is where the profits are.

For an industry to say on one hand we are fighting heart disease, obesity, diabetes and contributing towards making a difference in peoples lives , there has to be figures that indicate that what you are being taught, is filtering through to the nations health and I have yet to see a gym or magazine lead with the headline “knock a minute of your 2000m row’ or increase your sprinting performance. rather it concentrates on weight loss and looking good - well I’m sorry , its just not good enough.