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The UK’s Ultimate Gym Athlete has submitted a result for Beat The Personal Trainer and holy shit what a result it is!! 12:50 …. that is an incredible time.

Rich took on this challenge at his local gym in Fleet. Something to give him a bit of a challenge and show to the rest of the UK, not what is not possible - but what is. Gyms have a habit of saying we don’t think are member will like that, well possibly not, but at least let them try, so that when somebody sees a result like this, they will understand just what is involved.  On this occasion, the treadmill was kept at 20Kph all he way, and the row was at around a 1:38 500/split. Press Ups, Triceps Dips and Alternate Squat Thrusts at speed and without a break.

Beat The Personal Trainer is a celebration of gym-fitness and one that deserves the respect of those who compete, or who watch from the sidelines.

Well done Rich …. outstanding!

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Sanny Taylor

Sanny Taylor’s awesome performance today in Beat The Personal Trainer is great news for the fitness industry. In this day of Zumba crazed no hopers thinking they have found the saving grace in getting fit, suddenly getting fit is a little more public with results being published online.

Sanny a pt in Glasgow working for Green’s Gym is a former Royal Marine who specialises in running and row, so this challenge really suited him - having said that, what may seem like a easy challenge to some is now been taken to another level … a sub 14 minute time in this challenge is an awesome and incredible achievement.

Still waiting for Rich Vint to publish a result ….. could be interesting this !!!


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Craig Horsfield

Now goes into the lead with a time of 14:40. Craig is a Elite Gym Athlete with over 26 recognised events to his name and a WGC fastest time of 14:39.

Training out of former Fitness First gym in Gorton (now Klick Fitness) and recovering from a foot injury, this is a brilliant result, for somebody who commits to Gym X Training in a big way, whether it be judging, time keeping or taking part in events. Good result.

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New Leader in Beat The Personal Trainer, is Royal Marine PTI Ben Law.

June Results

Ben has competed in several Gym X T events has a number of fitness challenges, including Marathons and many other endurance events to his name.

Great result!

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The time has been recorded and verified and it is set out at 15.17

Click Here to view results

Sam O’Sullivan has set the bench mark figure and now it is up to you to beat this time, using the online verification form

And results will be published monthly

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Sam O Sullivan is one of the UK’s best personal trainers. Years of experience as either a gym manager or personal trainer. He was also last year’s runner up Fit Brit Challenge.

Take a look at some of the challenges Sam has taken part in and you will realise why WGC chose Sam to be the guy to beat.

Pull Up Challenge

Wolverston Fitness Challenge

Weighted Dips Challenge

Bag Hold Challenge

It’s not necessarily that Sam, is the fastest or strongest, it’s just that he inspires and motivates those around him to challenge themselves, be motivated and go for results and leads by example.

Sam will be the first to do the WGC - Beat The Personal Trainer Challenge, which is in your personal folders, under (1d) in your  Gym X Training Circuits folder.

The Challenge

Row 500 m

Decline Press Ups 30 (Feet on long end of rower) Chest touch the floor hands off ground (1 rep)

Triceps Dips 20 (hands on long end of rower, butt touch the floor)

Alternate Squat Thrusts 100 ( at least 12 inch marker for both feet to cross the line)

Treadmill 1000m

Repeat …. (Two circuits in all)

And then enter your results in WGC. Registered Gym X Training Coaches can verify you, or you can send in the online verification form 

Good luck!