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WGC contacted Hertfordshire Sports Village on Friday 20th May  to see if any of their members could attempt the Run Bike Row Gym Challenge. Unfortunately senior Health and Fitness Coach Nick Poulakis was unavailable, but we tried to contact him again today (23rd) and again were unable to speak to him, although gym staff are aware of the challenge, it is only Nick who can call the shots.

It waits to be seen if any of their members can Run 1000 m Bike 2000m and Row 500m in the fastest time.

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The Run, Bike Row is a first stage Gym X Training Challenge (GymXTC™) It gives focus and motivation every single time you visit the gym, in the shortest possible time. And if you train properly will give you guaranteed results in ‘gym-fitness’ with the help of a personal trainer - so in theory any gym should be able to compete.

WGC asked Chris Elms Personal Fitness Club, if it wanted to test any of their 350 members of any of their two clubs, if they could run 1000 m bike 2000m and row 500m.

Chris Elms is quoted in this months Workout magazine as saying ” The main reason people stop going to the gym is because they don’t enjoy it, they aren’t motivated or they aren’t getting results”

The average age group is between 40 and 60 for this club (I am 46) So I wonder if one single member is motivated enough to try the Run, Bike, Row.

We will have to wait and see.