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The upright bike is never a comfortable machine to work out on. Dom Jolly would pedal at a zebra crossing and cause a hold up of traffic on tv, and although hysterically funny - the fact remains that sitting on a bike, pedalling like a lunatic, sweating bucket loads, feeling a bit of lactic stress , panting and trying to look cool, whilst traveling absolutely no where is quite an art. Alternatively - look at those who read books, look like they are reminiscing over last nights supper and what to eat later and tell yourself - is it me that’s out of place here?

That’s the thing about gyms, full of different types of people with different aims, goals and motivation. For example, for the last three weeks I have been going quite regularly to the gym in the build up to the Ultimate Gym Athlete event at Chatham. The equipment as promised by the gym is there for  me to use, that is why I am member and the idea is that I use that gym to get fitter, stronger, healthier. That’s the theory. It works too … for some. Others, well I question their motive, they turn up, look aimlessly around the gym, chat to their friends, occasionally break into a sweat and then you don’t seem them again for dust - but enough about the gym staff there are serious athletes at work in a gym and there are those that, well lets just say “Are they wasting their money?” or “Improving considerably to when they first joined?”

Who’s counting? A recent full page advert in a local paper indicated that ‘Joan’ (not real name) had rowed her first 2 km an achievement that she was really proud of - great, what was the time? and in two months will it be better and will that gym know what it is? And what would they do about it if it was? I have been a member of a gym on and off for years. And frankly my gym doesn’t give a hoot about me. I turn up, I train , I go home.

As I left the gym, I chatted to one of the gym staff. A nice guy, 19, used to play football semi professionally  and could run the 100 in under 11 seconds. On top of that he was at Uni studying IT and wanted to become a level 3 personal trainer - all in a matter of five minutes, I knew what he wanted to be, what he had done in the past - what he hopes and dreams were, what motivated him and genuinely I liked him. But I can’t help but wonder, shouldn’t it be the other way round?

I don’t think I have ever been approached in a gym by anybody and asked what I would like to achieve in a gym after I have joined - before yes - questionaires and everything, reminders by emails even, but not and never during my time in a gym.

It’s strange.