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The Gym works! It does. Success is what you achieve.

If you have ever heard the nonsense that I am too bored in the gym it doesn’t get me results. I don’t go, I hate the gym , etc etc , then look at the reoccurring times the amount of times ‘i’ has been used?

I am the reason I succeed and I am the reason I fail. Which are you ?

Now lets look at the reasons people fail to train properly in the gym? Have you ever got on the treadmill and just set the incline high and walked ? Holding on just to give that bit of extra stability? But walked for ever? You may have just even walked to the gym ! lets look at a bit of variety - variety is the key!

Have you ever got the rowing machine and really used your strength, power and endurance?

Rowing machine - Treadmill ? Which one - what will give you the best results? Either , but use them properly. Do not train to fail.

Well let me to tell you that if you do not use variety  you are training to fail - its not your fault either, its just that you have nothing really to train for.  It will mean probably within weeks you have achieved little and WILL be bored! And may even leave.

Give yourself a reason to train - next time you are in the gym row for 500 m - that’s it … just 500 tiny weeny metres ….. rest …. then try it again …. rest … then  try it again  and finally once more (complete it four times (you would have rowed 2000 m) each time you row , try and beat the time it took to do the first  500 m. Don’t go roadkill speed either - just try it and work on it.

You are taking your first steps towards interval training - a sure fire effective way to get the most of your work outs - no classes involved, just you getting results …… and I bet you , four months down the road, the more exercise you do, the more you learn about your body - the better results you will achieve .

Its nearly embarrassing to write because it sounds so obvious - but you have to vary your workouts.

Here’s the clincher …. look around you and see what’s on offer - you pay for it. You may as well use it and in the following months more work out ideas will be published on WGC .

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Weighing in at just over 88.4 kg after the festive period, serious action is need to prepare for the Gym Ironman, just over 7 weeks away.

Over the next few weeks a training diary of the preparation to compete will be published,  so others can see the type of training that goes on.

As long as I don’t suffer injuries or catch the dreaded lurgy - a regular post will follow.

Other X Trainers are free to post comments too.

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