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Paddy Doyle goes on to show why he is the master at World Records….

UWRT Challenge Record to 40 strength speed stamina records on 20th June at Stamina’s boxing self defence gym B’ham. Surpassing Paul Woodlands world record of 29 records in a calender year. I regained one Guinness World Record which was taken off me by Neil Bryant {Australia} who achieved 58 push ups in 1 minute carrying a 40 lb back pack , he broke it on 24th May in Clarmont Australia.The results are as follows -


Most push ups in 1 minute carrying 40 lb back pack, total 59. Beating previous World Record holder Neil Bryant {Australia} by one push up.


Most step ups in 1 minute carrying 40 lb back pack on a 15 inch bench, total 42.


I fell flat on the gym floor on the 40th step up injuring my left knee cap, but managed to get back up and finish in the allocated time.


Most push ups in 1 minute carrying 100 lb back pack, total 34.


Most step ups in 1 minute carrying 100 lb back pack, total 29.


I felt extra strong for these speed fitness records due to my new eating plan which gave me plenty of energy and helped me with my recovery.


Well done Paddy - absolutely outstanding and a credit to the fitness industry.

World Fitness Records

November 29, 2008
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Recent remarks made by a outstanding X Trainer with regards to world fitness records would indicate that maybe he would try one of these?

Anybody who achieve that record (World’s Fittest Athlete)  has certainly earned the title. It’s really about the chance to be it, then who holds it, that is what counts and that is what will make people attempt this record.  To be that person - you have to do do it.  Just thinking about it, or talking about it is not enough.

Paddy Doyle is a friend of mine, he has over the years been nothing but supportive of WGC, it’s aims and ambitions - what he has achieved over the years with his 160 plus world titles is nothing short of amazing.

Regardless of who  holds the title - the time to beat is Paddy’s.

As with the four minute mile (Roger Bannister) many people will break the record, but Paddy was the first UK Brit to achieve accolade of Worlds Fittest Athlete it and is an outstanding sportsman in all does and  achieves.

WGC is all about setting records in the gym - the time it took you to do it and as such provides valuable information about the sport of X Training and more importantly the incredible people who visit gyms and train hard - something that gyms seem to ignore for some reason.

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Once again Britain’s favourite endurance athlete breaks two more records. An incredible achievement and one that goes largely unnoticed by the mainstream media - but not WGC. When individuals such as Paddy surface, it is not only a pleasure being in his company, but a matter of principle that Paddy’s great achievements are mentioned on this site.

10 km Run carrying a 40lb back pack - Fin Time - 57.02 mins - On 13th Nov 2008

Paddy beat Rob Simpsons time (previous record holder)29 seconds

Warwickshire Arden Winter Challenge 30 Mile X Country Record carrying a 40lb pack.

7 hrs and 52 secs - set on 13th Nov 2008

All timings verified by representives of West Mercia Police - Press, Official Race Organisers and Public supporters.

Well done Paddy !