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What a great opportunity to bring Gym Based Sports to the gym with Sport Relief.

WGC has contacted Sport Relief direct to see if they would allow this simple gym challenge be used from now until March 21st to see how much somebody can improve by and then during Sport Relief, actually use it as ‘Gym Challenge’ to run during the day and see how much money can be raised.

OK - lets do the maths - there are roughly 5000 gyms in the UK and around 4.7 million gym members - each gym (more or less) has a treadmill , a bike and a rowing machine and most importantly members to raise the revenue .

The question is - can each member that wants to, run a 1000 m on a treadmill, bike 2000m and then row 500 m?

This can be a fun challenge - or a competitive one and is a great introduction to X Training - for that all over fitness.

And what revenue could they generate in the process?

Some amazing facts are here and WGC has stated the ball to roll. For each club that takes part , it would be possible to publish results on line specific to that gym for free !

What a great idea to raise money for Sport Relief. You get fitter - the gym raises money and Sport Relief benefits.

Do it from your gym and just see who gets the fastest time this year and then … here’s the great part - who gets the fastest time next year , or during the year, because it doesn’t endthere - you can try this as many times as you like and continually improve.

Ask your personal trainer to register on WGC and they can verify your times. Amazing ! Motivation 365 days a year.

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Craig to Compete in 4 marathons over the next four months.

Any comment you would like to make would be greatly appreciated by Craig

Charity work by WGC

November 7, 2008
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In a new section of the Blog Page - Gym Challenges will get a special mention when they incorporate a charity feature to their challenge. It has always been one of the greatest aims of WGC to see a world gym challenge charity day and hopefully on one day - in the 4,000 gyms across the UK a Challenge that could raise millions, will take place - one that happens across Europe - even more and then across the US - well you do the math!

If a ball ever needed to start rolling it did this year at Gymxtc 2008 where a small amount of money was raised - £209 with the support of Terry Moore and the Rochester Health Club.

 The future see’s the challenge ask for sponsorship as you would a marathon and the individual and gym all work together in raising money for good causes.

WGC chosen charity this year is the British Heart Foundation and I would like to thank everybody that helped compete, marshal, judge and organise this event - It was a great all round team effort.