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The race to be voted the best in X Training for 2008 is a close as it gets - the US election can’t compete !

Well almost - Aidy Cartwright and Chris Lord are firm favourites after a week of voting, but Trudi Hawksworth is right on their heels. There may be some people emerging in the coming weeks that take the vote - but that waits to be seen by you the voter.

More information about the nominees will appear on the latest News when WGC receives it.

It’s good  in X Training at the moment, loads of initiatives being taken to push the sport forward in new directions and promote those that train hardest in a gym.

And some exciting news should be announced early next week about development and grass root level growth.

In the meantime, the sport grows, the gymathletes get better and the times are being published for others to see if they can do better. Its all good news for the sport

X Trainer of the Year

November 2, 2008
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It’s hotting up  - the X Trainer of the year is receiving votes and at the end of it only those that have been voted for by this poll get the award. In the immortal words of Highlander …. ” there can be only one ”

But ! It’s not just this year - or those nominated this year though who are considered elite beyond anybody else. All those who have entered , organised, marshaled or judged all share some of this title - it just makes it a fitting end to the season - and next year? Well the title will be given to somebody who for certain shares one thing in common with all gymathletes nationwide - they have passion, dedication and are without doubt - the gym - fit elite and the gym’s they belong to should take take pride in them.

‘Pride in gyms - Pride in members’